10 Videos That Will Make you Want to Drop Everything and Head to Ireland!

By Sarah Dilworth

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day (Paddys Day if you want to sound like the Irish), we have compiled ten of the most picturesque, informative, and wanderlust-inspiring videos to satisfy your need for all things Irish this week. These Ireland travel videos, social justice ads, tourism promotions, spoken word poems, and more will leave you wanting all the things Irish this week and every week!

1. Ireland Inspires

Let’s jump-start this Irish audiovisual session with some facts and figures about Ireland with gorgeous footage and an emotive song! This video was actually launched by Failte Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Paddys Day two years ago to help showcase to the world how #IrelandInspires.

2. Food & Drink in Dublin

Why read about the food scene in Dublin, when you could watch, see, and [almost] taste it? With a real focus on the new modern Irish cuisine and amazing gastronomic scene in Ireland, this video proves that Irish food is so much more than its stereotype of meat and potatoes.

3. Fresh Air in Dublin

Dublin may be a bustling capital city, but there are endless opportunities for visitors (and locals) to have an adventure exploring the gorgeous outdoors of Dublin and surrounding areas. Take a dip in the frigid sea (yes people swim year round here!), kayak or paddleboard through city-center, enjoy a cliff-side hike with amazing views, or join in an outdoor yoga class. Despite the sometimes damp weather, there are always plenty of outdoor activities to be a part of in Dublin.

4. Dublin You Are

This video is a poetic nod to Ireland’s rich literary history and all that encompases modern Dublin; the good and the bad, the community and the divisions, the successes and failures. Admittedly, it was created for those more familiar with Dublin, but this will offer anyone a rapid introduction to significant political and cultural history of the city. Each time you listen, you will hear lines and verses you missed previously. So give it a watch… or three!

5. Marriage Equality: Bring your Family with You

Sure, Ireland has a reputation for being a conservative, Catholic country, but did you know that in May of 2015, the people of Ireland overwhelmingly voted YES to legalize same-sex marriage, proving that Ireland is an inclusive, forward-thinking and progressive society? This video, which even featured on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, will give you a glimpse into modern Ireland!

6. Wild Atlantic Way

Now this is what you envision when you think of Ireland! With rugged coastal cliffs, picture-perfect green pastures, and sheep grazing on rocky mountainsides, the Wild Atlantic Way is the longest scenic coastal drive in the world and one of rural Ireland’s largest attractions. No visit to this country is complete without driving some of the Wild Atlantic Way.

7. Ireland’s Ancient East

Not to be outdone by the West of Ireland, this video shows you all the sites you can see and history you can learn by visiting the East of Ireland. Here you will discover everything from Pagan beliefs and Neolithic monuments to Viking settlements and the roots of Irish folklore.

8. Rick Steves’ The Best of the West

For all you Rick Steves fans out there, his episodes in Ireland are not to be missed. In this clip, he explores the West of Ireland which is filled with green fields, stacked stone fences, cosy pubs, thatched-roofs, and more stereotypical (but also very real) aspects of Ireland.

9. Rainbow Lotto Ad

A National Lottery ad may seem an odd choice for your Irish wanderlust, but the music selection, blue skies, and smiling Dubliners make this ad unforgettable. And yes, rainbows are seen often throughout Ireland, although, unlike the rainbow in this ad, they are usually a result of unpredictable weather.

10. Guinness Christmas Ad

There is something about Ireland at Christmas (even if you don’t celebrate) and it’s even more special on the rare occurrence of snow. This video just leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, or maybe that’s the Guinness…

BONUS: Connect-123’s Dublin Video!

We’ve saved the best for last! Discover what being a Connect-123 intern in Dublin REALLY looks like. Hear from our interns working in healthcare, education, human rights, business and more about their stay in the Emerald Isle.

Sarah Dilworth

Marketing Coordinator
Sarah’s passion for cultural and educational travel was sparked by her first experience of studying abroad in Limerick, Ireland ten years ago. After graduating with a BA in Political Science from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, she returned to Ireland to study Intercultural Studies at Dublin City University. With experience working in primary and secondary education, cultural exchange, and marketing for an international education organization, Sarah founded a freelance business aimed at supporting small businesses and nonprofits to use social media and digital marketing to their fullest potential. Recently relocated to Buenos Aires, after a few years in Dublin, Sarah is looking forward to getting to know the many barrios, discovering new foodie spots, and exploring the cultural arts scene in Argentina.

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