5 Videos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Cape Town

By Sarah Dilworth

Did you know that the Connect-123 internship program was founded in Cape Town in 2006? Since then, we have expanded to 5 cities sprawling over 4 continents, but we’ve not forgotten our beloved flagship city of Cape Town. Check out the videos below to see why this place is so special for so many.

1)  Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa

A beautifully shot 60 second introduction to the Mother City as part of Visit South Africa’s #WowSouthAfrica campaign. 

2)  10 Reasons Why Cape Town is the Best City in the World.

Capetonian photographer, Andrew Brauteseth offers up his reasons why Cape Town is like no other city in the world. And we can’t argue with him here!

3)  36 Hours in Cape Town

The New York Time’s travel series shows us how to spend a weekend in Cape Town, including the highlights of Bo-Kaap, Robben Island, and Table Mountain, along with gastronomic treats and local culture.

4)  South African Slang

Impress the locals and arrive to South Africa speaking the Capetonian slang. Learn what braai, bra, padkossarmi, and more mean in this helpful video!

5)  10 Things to do in Cape Town

This traveling brother duo offers some great tips on not only what to see, but specific restaurants, hip bars, and yummy foodie and local crafts markets that are a must-do for any visitor to Cape Town.

*BONUS*  Connect-123 in Cape Town!

Last, but certainly not least, see what a Connect-123 internship or volunteer experience in Cape Town is like directly from the interns and volunteers who lived it!

Sarah Dilworth

Marketing Coordinator
Sarah’s passion for cultural and educational travel was sparked by her first experience of studying abroad in Limerick, Ireland ten years ago. After graduating with a BA in Political Science from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, she returned to Ireland to study Intercultural Studies at Dublin City University. With experience working in primary and secondary education, cultural exchange, and marketing for an international education organization, Sarah founded a freelance business aimed at supporting small businesses and nonprofits to use social media and digital marketing to their fullest potential. Recently relocated to Buenos Aires, after a few years in Dublin, Sarah is looking forward to getting to know the many barrios, discovering new foodie spots, and exploring the cultural arts scene in Argentina.

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