Anahí Bravo

Born and bred porteña (from Buenos Aires, Argentina), Anahí has studied many things in her academic career: English, Psychology, Literature, and Communications. She was so curious to learn about people and cultures that she traveled around South America, New Zealand, and China. Thinking that that was a great model for personal discovery and growth, she decided to help other people do the same.

Now she’s been working for study and work abroad programs for over 10 years, in both large organizations and with different universities. She has helped many students fulfill their dreams by being their trusted advisor, tour guide, program coordinator and/or support person. She knows well that each student is unique and tries her best to help them achieve their goals.

Recently she realized that there’s a bit of a hobbit in her so she moved to New Zealand to always have a second breakfast with no shame. From there she’s coordinating Buenos Aires and Sydney sites.

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