Marianna Christodoulou

Marianna was born with a travel bug in her genes and considers herself a Greek explorer. She started exploring the world at a very young age and has now visited 31 countries! Her goal was 30 countries in under 30 years, and she made it! Living abroad is not new to her. She has lived in Italy, Portugal, Zambia, Kenya, and South Africa for studies, work and volunteer programs. She is based in Cape Town, and is fluent in English, Greek, Italian and right now she is mastering her French. She is a marketing professional who has had the chance to work across multiple sectors in e-commerce, digital currency, venture capital funds, AR mobile games, charity organizations, technology, and hospitality. She is very excited to be part of the Connect-123 family, as she is a firm believer that giving yourself the chance to live, work and volunteer abroad while studying, is the best thing you can gift yourself!

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