Nicolás Aduco

Nicolás (Nico) was born and raised in a small town of Argentina called Colón, in the province of Entre Ríos. Since childhood, he showed interest in languages and that’s why he studied English, French, and Portuguese. After turning 15 he had his first international experience at a school located in England and he loved it. So, he wondered why not do it again? And that’s why, two years later, he went to another international school in Vancouver, Canada.

After high school, he moved to Buenos Aires to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences with orientation in Public Opinion and Advertising at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, which he is about to finish. While in university, he volunteered at a cat shelter and also worked in the state of Colorado for a few months, where he discovered how much he liked snowboarding.  Even though Buenos Aires has thousands of things to do, mountain sports are not one of those, so he contents himself with riding a bike or running all over the buzzing city.
Nowadays he works as a Program Coordinator in Buenos Aires, but he’ll soon be moving to Sydney, Australia, where he will keep on working on the same position.

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