Robyn Casper

Robyn (Robs) is proud to be Capetonian born and bred and is thrilled to share her love for Cape Town with the interns and volunteers she works with. Robs danced her way through the first 18 years of her life doing ballet, modern, and contemporary dance. You can still find her on the dance floor every now and then! During her school years, Robs was passionate about working with youth, but never quite knew how to channel that. She decided to take a gap year following graduation. So Robs went to Brazil where she learned the language and embraced the rich culture, including the music, food, dancing, and people. Little did she know, she would be working with gap year students and recent graduates soon enough. After Robs returned from her gap year, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Archaeology. Psychology allowed her to pursue her passion in working with children, so Robs continued her studies, completing an Advanced Certificate in Counseling, as well as an Honors in Psychology and a postgraduate certificate in Education. Working at Connect-123 gives Robyn the opportunity to combine her calling of educating and empowering the youth of today, while staying true to her roots in interacting with and developing local organizations.

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