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Doing your internship in Dublin? Check out these free weekly events!

Doing your internship in Dublin? The city offers a unique blend of traits: history, untouched nature, buzzing city-life, charming locals and sometimes, high costs. Regrettably, being a young international intern usually means a mind full of prosperous adventures, and a wallet full of unfortunate vacancy. Fortunately, Dublin is a city filled with free events every day, […]

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Kate Rau posted in: Culture, Dublin

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What to expect from a photography internship in Buenos Aires with Connect-123

Callie Eisner completed her photography internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Connect-123 last spring. We catch up with her and ask about the challenges and triumphs of her internship and her experience abroad. Tell us about your photography internship in Buenos Aires. What was the best part of your experience abroad? My role at work […]

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Journalism internship in Cape Town: King’s College London Postgrad shares experience abroad

Giulia Monteleone completed her journalism internship in Cape Town, South Africa with Connect-123 and King’s College London last summer. We catch up with her and find out how her experience abroad impacted her study and career choices. Tell us about your journalism internship in Cape Town. What was the best part of your experience abroad? […]

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How my internship in Buenos Aires help land me a job at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Sara Valles is about to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management from the University of Texas at Dallas. After her graduation, she’s got a job lined up at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where she’ll work as an Inside Sales Account Manager. Did Sara’s internship in Buenos Aires help boost her resumé and provide […]

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How to Pack for Interning Abroad

You’ve made the decision to build your resume, advance your education and real world experience, and focus on language learning and intercultural experiences. You’ve searched for, applied to, and selected an internship. Your housing is arranged and you bought your plane tickets. You are prepared. Except, a few days before you leave, you start packing […]

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Apply today for the Cape Town Innovation Experienceship and future-proof your career

There’s no doubt about it – the future of the job market is changing. We’re seeing new job titles that didn’t exist a year ago; more employees are required to bridge multiple disciplines in their day-to-day work, and essential skills that were in demand in the past are being surpassed by the desperate need for […]

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Intern Abroad in Cape Town this Summer with King’s College and Connect-123

Are you a King’s College student looking to distinguish yourself in the global graduate market? Have you considered the impact an internship abroad could have on your career development? If the answer to both these questions is yes, we’ve got some good news. Connect-123 and the King’s College Global Internships Programme 360 Support stream offer […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Intern Abroad in Dublin This Summer

If you’re looking to complete a professional internship abroad or international volunteer program in a top-notch destination, then look no further. Connect-123 offers experiential learning opportunities in business, technology, healthcare and more in Dublin, Ireland, a dream destination. When in Dublin, expect to fall in love with this capital city and its charming residents. 1. The […]

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Kate Rau posted in: Dublin, Uncategorized

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