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My Child Life Practicum in Cape Town, South Africa

Every day was filled with unique opportunities for me to gain competence both personally and professionally. I was further able to see play used as a universal language in order to communicate with children. I can honestly say that this non-traditional practicum experience outside of the United States opened my eyes even more to the benefits of child life.

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How a Summer Internship in Dublin Changed my Life: Alumni Interview

An internship abroad has the capacity to teach you more about yourself than you ever knew possible! Just ask Haven Wang, a microbiology student from Boston, Massachusetts, who spent last summer in Dublin doing her medical research internship. When she wasn’t developing science, Haven spent her time nibbling on Dublin’s vast cuisine and getting lost […]

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How an Internship in Cape Town launched my Career in Radio

Kaitlin Parker works for KCRW, a radio station just outside of Los Angeles that is known for airing great music and broadcasting a variety of news and culture shows. She produces The Business, a weekly interview-style entertainment show and podcast hosted by Kim Masters. “I love my work. I love producing The Business, which is […]

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From Business Internship in Dublin to Global Mergers & Acquisitions: Q & A with Director at Benchmark International

At age 21, university graduate Luis Vinals was about to make a decision that would alter the course of his career forever. Armed with a BA in International Relations & Economics from Richmond, the American International University in London, Luis was sure he wanted to work in the financial services industry, but had no idea […]

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From policy internship in Cape Town to Michigan State Senate: MSU alumnus looks back to the future

Molly Korn is about to start her new role as Chief of Staff for a member of the Michigan State Senate. But eight years ago Molly wasn’t quite on her way to a job at the State Senate. She was working as an intern in Cape Town at a local education organization, liaising with delegates from across the country in preparation for a large policy summit taking place in the Mother City.

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How to Pack for Interning Abroad

You’ve made the decision to build your resume, advance your education and real world experience, and focus on language learning and intercultural experiences. You’ve searched for, applied to, and selected an internship. Your housing is arranged and you bought your plane tickets. You are prepared. Except, a few days before you leave, you start packing […]

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My Summer Internship in Dublin

  I spent the summer interning as a research assistant in a chemical engineering lab at the University College Dublin. My specific project was to monitor the flow rate and pressure through silicone hollow fiber membranes to minimize the formation of water slugs during the oxygen transfer step of wastewater treatment. I read various research […]

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