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Why Virtual Internships Will Continue To Be An Important Part Of College Education

At this time last year, we would have never dreamed that virtual internships would become such an important part of the education landscape, contributing to career readiness and helping students discover and maximize their strengths.  When the pandemic first hit and led to a shutdown of in-person internships, it seemed like a painful ending indeed.  […]

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How The Right Internship Is An Investment In Your Career

As the world opens up from the pandemic, we expect an increasing number of internship opportunities to become available, both in-person and virtual.  This will make it possible to gain significant experience in unique workplaces and cultures and build skills that will add to your eventual career:  skills of organization and productivity, communication skills, cultural […]

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Three Things You Must Do In A Job Interview

For years, I have been involved in the recruitment of talent at hedge funds and other financial firms.  That means I interview internship candidates, job applicants, and people seeking management roles.  For years, also, I’ve had the experience of interviewing medical school applicants and candidates for medical residency programs.  Let’s just say, I’ve conducted a […]

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Your Discomfort Is Your Path

No one has ever grown by staying inside their comfort zones. If you want to develop as a student—and as a future professional—you have to ask yourself how you want to become uncomfortable. That’s exactly what we do when we go to the gym.  If we keep the treadmill at the same settings or lift […]

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The Very Real Benefits Of A Virtual Internship

Virtual internships really are amazing things when they are organized the right way.  So much is dependent upon the quality of the work placement.  When we get to know the students well as individuals, we can place them in cultures they want to experience, in organizations that operate within their career interests, and on projects […]

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How Heartbreak Turned into Opportunity: My Virtual Internship in South Africa

It was the start of the new 2020 year, and my biggest problem was deciding whether to go to Ireland or South Africa during my search for a human rights internship through Connect-123. Of course, the Connect-123 coordinators guided me through my choices and helped me realize my values and career goals, so I was […]

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