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Five Reasons to Intern Abroad in Buenos Aires

The world is a big place and deciding on where you want to travel can be difficult. But deciding where you want to (temporarily) live for your internship abroad can be even more difficult. There are so many factors to consider like language, integration into local culture, food options, cost of living, ease of transport, […]

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Sarah Dilworth posted in: Buenos Aires

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Affording Your Internship Abroad

Taking the leap and deciding to pursue an internship abroad is no small feat. So many factors and variables go into this commitment, and that’s even before your choice of location, internship field, and programs come into play. At Connect-123, we know this is a life-altering experience and one in which requires careful planning and […]

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5 People Who Should Intern or Volunteer Abroad

At Connect-123, we see first-hand that intern and volunteer experiences abroad are for everyone. While many international interns are college students or recent graduates, you most certainly do not have to be a student in order to complete a global internship or volunteer experience. In fact many Connectors are people of all ages taking a […]

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Sarah Dilworth posted in: Career Development
Connect-123’s Summer Photo Contest

Over the coming weeks, we’re excited to welcome our participants to Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dublin, and Shanghai! While there is an infinite amount to learn, see, and do when you first arrive, we want our C-123 Photo Contest to help encourage you to document the lifelong memories you’ll be making. Here’s how it works: […]

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How to Pack for Interning Abroad

You’ve made the decision to build your resume, advance your education and real world experience, and focus on language learning and intercultural experiences. You’ve searched for, applied to, and selected an internship. Your housing is arranged and you bought your plane tickets. You are prepared. Except, a few days before you leave, you start packing […]

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Sarah Dilworth posted in: Career Development, Culture
5 Videos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Cape Town

Did you know that the Connect-123 internship program was founded in Cape Town in 2006? Since then, we have expanded to 5 cities sprawling over 4 continents, but we’ve not forgotten our beloved flagship city of Cape Town. Check out the videos below to see why this place is so special for so many. 1)  Welcome […]

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Sarah Dilworth posted in: Cape Town
Staying Green While Abroad

Let’s face it, travelling isn’t always the best thing we can do for the environment. The long haul flights, the non-recyclable materials we sometimes have no other choice using, and the mentality of “it doesn’t count when I’m abroad” have detrimental effects on our environment. Unless you are living off the grid and growing your own […]

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Sarah Dilworth posted in: Environment
Notes from the Field: My Barcelona Internship Experience

Intern blogger (and now Connect-123 alum), Ashley Nave, is back with more stories about her journalism internship in Barcelona. Thanks to the Connect-123 program for finding me one of the coolest internships, I’ve spent the last two months exploring the ins and outs of the city as part of my assignment at a leading publication […]

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Steven Levy posted in: Barcelona, Intern Bloggers
Updates from Abroad: Hiking, Sandboarding and Culinary Delights

Connect-123 interns have unparalleled international career and work-related experience through our program, all while living and traveling abroad. But did you know that each destination has an established social network and support circle filled with our local coordinators and other interns on the program? We put on weekly events and social nights, day trips, and weekend excursions to introduce […]

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Sarah Dilworth posted in: What We're Up To