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The Very Real Benefits Of A Virtual Internship

Virtual internships really are amazing things when they are organized the right way.  So much is dependent upon the quality of the work placement.  When we get to know the students well as individuals, we can place them in cultures they want to experience, in organizations that operate within their career interests, and on projects […]

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Brett Steenbarger posted in: Career Development, Virtual Internships
How Heartbreak Turned into Opportunity: My Virtual Internship in South Africa

It was the start of the new 2020 year, and my biggest problem was deciding whether to go to Ireland or South Africa during my search for a human rights internship through Connect-123. Of course, the Connect-123 coordinators guided me through my choices and helped me realize my values and career goals, so I was […]

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Becoming A Virtual Intern Was the Best Decision of My Life

In May of 2020, my dreams of interning in a different country were shattered when COVID-19 hit. All study abroad programs were cancelled, and many in-person internships in my hometown were postponed. I thought I wouldn’t have the opportunity to intern before I graduated until I received an email from my school about Connect-123’s virtual […]

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The Lifelong Internship

I’m looking forward early next month to doing a presentation for the alumni of Connect-123.  For 14 years, students have studied abroad through Connect-123 and learned valuable skills that they’ve used in their subsequent career development.  Now, as alumni, they can still Connect with one another and participate in up-to-date learning.  What’s more, the alumni […]

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Brett Steenbarger posted in: Career Development, Virtual Internships
Intern Abroad…From Home!!

In my work as a performance coach for portfolio managers at financial firms, I’ve seen first-hand how teamwork has changed in the work-from-home environment. Since the onset of the virus, many things that used to be coordinated in person now are conducted online. Surprisingly, many teams have found that the virtual environment has made them […]

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Brett Steenbarger posted in: Career Development, Virtual Internships
From Barcelona to Dublin: Q & A with Tyler Yang

After successfully completing his internship in Barcelona in 2019, Tyler Yang was bitten by the travel bug and decided to continue his adventures in Dublin. Majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University, Tyler wanted to gain further experience abroad before graduating in 2021. We asked him a few questions on his internship experience in Barcelona […]

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Lisa Van Vuuren posted in: Barcelona, Dublin, Engineering
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