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From policy internship in Cape Town to Michigan State Senate: MSU alumnus looks back to the future

Molly Korn is about to start her new role as Chief of Staff for a member of the Michigan State Senate. But eight years ago Molly wasn’t quite on her way to a job at the State Senate. She was working as an intern in Cape Town at a local education organization, liaising with delegates from across the country in preparation for a large policy summit taking place in the Mother City.

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Shooting for the stars: How my Astronomy Internship in Dublin helped land me a job at NASA

Working at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre is a pretty big deal. It’s where communication happens between mission control and orbiting astronauts on the International Space Station. It’s where all things Hubble originate. And it’s home to the largest US team of scientists, engineers, and technologists who build spacecraft, instruments and new technology to study […]

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My summer internship in Shanghai: Pre-med student’s experience abroad

Joy is a pre-med student at Carleton College studying Psychology and Neuroscience. She chose to do a summer internship in Shanghai to get firsthand experience of medicine and public health. And although she wasn’t a seasoned traveler, Joy embraced an opportunity to gain experience abroad working alongside physicians who could help her develop new skills […]

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Buenos Aires through the eyes of a journalism intern

I arrived in Buenos Aires in September and have been doing a journalism internship at an online newspaper. Working as a photographer and writer has been an amazing process of learning and exploring. It has given me an enormous amount of opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise. From covering a nationwide teacher strike […]

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What my internship in Dublin taught me: UT Dallas undergrad shares experience abroad

Hannah is studying arts and technology with a focus on interaction and design at the University of Texas at Dallas. From the land where everything is bigger, to the land where everything is greener, Hannah traveled from Dallas to Dublin to complete an eight-week internship in application design. Once she pushed through the initial discomfort she […]

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My medical internship in Dublin: Q & A with UT Dallas Goldwater Scholar

Rachel Meade’s passion is medical research. She studied molecular biology at the University of Texas at Dallas, and aims to pursue a PhD in genetics with a focus on virology and pathology. As an undergraduate researcher, Rachel spent eight months away from home. She undertook research at various institutions abroad, including a two-month medical internship in […]

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My summer internship in Cape Town: A truly life-changing experience abroad

I believe internships are a gateway to the future for students getting ready to transition from college to the workplace. Getting real, hands-on work experience can prove life-changing. For me, I got a real chance to have my perspectives changed, skillsets diversified, and beliefs tested outside the classroom. Why did I choose a summer internship […]

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My sports management internship in Buenos Aires: Interview with MSU grad

Michigan State University (MSU) graduate Casey Copp completed his sports management internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Connect-123 last summer. Nearly one year later, Casey thanks his experience abroad for honestly changing his life. His three-month internship at an international NPO helped pave the way for a career in non-profit work back home. Plus, Casey’s experience abroad with […]

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