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Green Light for Renewable Energy

South Africa has always been well-known for being rich in natural resources. Traditionally, we tend to think of natural resources in terms of minerals, but in the midst of an energy crisis, we cannot ignore the importance of wind and sunlight! Certain areas in South Africa are ideally positioned for the production of wind energy […]

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Talk of the Transition Town

When I first heard about the concept of a transition town, I pictured hippies with long, un-kept hair dancing barefoot around a fire, rejecting all forms of modern technology and anything synthetic or non-organic. Tie-dye, uncalled-for rebellion and just plain weird were the words that came to mind. I wasn’t ready to share ideologies with […]

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Language Challenges in South Africa

Salibonani, Molo, Avuwani, Sanibona, Hallo, Abusheni, Lumela, Thobela, Dumela, Hello, Sanibonani… Confused? Confused is exactly what South Africa is when it comes to language in education. With 11 official languages (you now know how to say ‘Hello’ in all 11 of them!), it is little wonder that one of the many challenges faced by the […]

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Melanie McDowell posted in: Cape Town, Culture, Education
Child Life: A Normal Boy

John*, a seven year old boy has been a patient at Red Cross Children’s Hospital for the past four years. John was initially treated for a flame injury when he was a toddler and has been seen on an outpatient basis ever since for therapy and reconstructive surgery. John is consistently accompanied by his mother […]

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Danielle Surprenant posted in: Cape Town, Health Care, Social Impact
The countdown is over…it is HERE!

And we have lift-off! Cape Town is awash with colour today, the first day of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa! Cars are covered in flags, driving around honking their horns, the sound of vuvuzuelas provides a constant background noise and the excitement is absolutely at fever pitch! Last night’s Cape Town Welcomes […]

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Eimear Costigan posted in: Cape Town, Culture
Child Life Series: Red Cross Treatment Room Gets a New Look Thanks to Child Life!

In celebration of the US nationally recognized Child Life Month, myself and Caroline (my predecessor) along with oncology unit child life volunteer, Lisa, painted the treatment room on the burn unit at Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. The mural includes a 6 foot giraffe, a giant elephant whose trunk became the base of […]

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Danielle Surprenant posted in: Cape Town, Health Care, Social Impact
Table Mountain: Wonder of the World

The Connect-123 office and many of our international interns’ apartments boast some of the best views of Table Mountain, that magical towering presence that presides over this beautiful city of Cape Town. The New 7 Wonders Foundation is taking international votes to nominate the New 7 Wonders of the World with the philosophy that “Our […]

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Melanie McDowell posted in: Cape Town
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