Happy Thanksgiving from Cape Town

By Melanie McDowell

The Connect-123 team tackled turkey stuffing and roasting in the name of Thanksgiving yesterday.  Two South Africans, one Irish, one English, & two turkeys!

We filled the Perspectives apartment building, where the majority of our interns and volunteers stay, with smells of delicious roast turkey, attracting some curious interns who sniffed us out!

We then had a potluck party up on the roof with everyone bringing a dish to the table, and what a feast!  We all tucked in to the tasty spread while looking out over Cape Town in all her glory, with views of Table Mountain on one side and the harbour on the other.

Whilst not the traditional Thanksgiving many of our Americans would be used to, a feast with new found friends from across the world, looking out over Cape Town was not a bad way to spend it, and the turkeys weren’t half bad either!

Happy Thanksgiving from us all at Connect-123!


Melanie McDowell

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