Interns in Ireland enjoy a surfing adventure off the beaten path

By Leslie Reitz

This summer Connectors interning in Dublin, Ireland went off the grid for a weekend adventure to Donegal, better known as the “surf capital of Ireland”.  We enjoyed our fun-filled excursion and spent the weekend laughing, joking about the weather and surfing.

internship in Dublin
It was a surfing weekend to remember!

The surf town of Bundoran

After a scenic three-hour drive, we arrived in the surf town of Bundoran. A charming spot with brightly painted buildings and beach themed murals, this was to be our home away from Dublin for a few days.

internship in Dublin
Ocean-themed murals just like this feature prominently in Bundoran.

We were greeted warmly upon arriving at our accommodation for the weekend, the TurfnSurf Lodge. The vibes of the hostel were nothing short of welcoming. Snuggly bunkbeds provided amazing views of the sea and the waves we would soon be tackling with surfboards.

Hiking the Slieve League

The Slieve League is renowned for its fine coastal cliffs. So, before getting into the ocean, we decided to go on a hike. We hiked higher and higher, going deep into the fog.

internship in Dublin
Connectors in the fog!

To reach the summit, we had to conquer The One Man’s Pass, a walk along a narrow ridge that certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted.

internship in Dublin
Roselie heads down the notorious pass.

Then the fog cleared and there were views for days.

internship in Dublin
How glorious and green is Ireland?

The hike back down offered views just as incredible as the hike up. We didn’t dawdle though, we were motivated to get to the bottom for a barbeque happening back at the lodge. The staff at TurfnSurf Lodge treated us to a delightful evening. They hosted a delicious barbeque and had hired a band for the evening. Everyone enjoyed the burgers, company, great music, and dancing.

Connectors hit the waves

We were up and into our wetsuits early on Sunday morning to surf on the gorgeous beaches of Bundoran. After a quick introduction to surfing from the amazing instructors with TurfNSurf Lodge, it was time to hit the waves.

internship in Dublin
Getting the hang of it on land first!

Some were more successful than others, but it was an incredible experience and hey, we can now say we have surfed in the “surf capital of Ireland”!

Being able to escape to Bundoran for the weekend, a place that most tourists never get the chance to see, was a wonderful experience and our weekend trip remains one of the highlights of my time spent interning in Dublin.

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Leslie Reitz

Leslie’s love for travel and her adventurous, outgoing personality has taken her to over 15 countries in the past year. She chose to call Dublin, Ireland home for the summer of 2018 and did an internship within the Communications field. Leslie will soon graduate with two bachelor degrees from the State University of New York at Oneonta. One in Mass Communications with a Production concentration and another in Communication with an Advertising minor. Interning abroad has given her the greatest experiences and helped her discover her career passions and experience immense personal growth. Leslie is thrilled to be able to share those experiences and her advice and hopefully influence people to make the best decision of their life and intern abroad!

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