Hidden gems of Northside Dublin: Top spots for interns

By Roselie Kelly

The great River Liffey is more than a geographical split between the north and south of Dublin. The contentious divide has long represented a cultural distinction between the Northside and Southside of Ireland’s friendliest city. Northside Dublin is less popular with visitors but offers an array of hidden gems that are well worth a visit. Here’s a quick guide to a few Northside Dublin districts, giving insight to each of their exclusive charms.


Stoneybatter Northside Dublin
Find Stoneybatter in Dublin 7!

Once a run-down, working-class neighborhood, this fixer-upper uncovered its true potential after a turn of urbanization.

Today, Stoneybatter is known to be one of the trendiest parts of town, where young professionals go to kick-back.

Not only is it home to Phoenix Park, but strolls through Stoneybatter include trips to cat café, Cat Lounge, funky pub crawling with dogs and pizza, Frank Ryan’s, as well as café/bar/Indie-cinema, The Light House.


A simple 5-minute walk east of touristy O’Connell Street and city dwellers are surrounded by contemporary architecture, art galleries, museums, and booming new businesses.

Highlights of this district (Dublin 1) are the EPIC museum, the 120-foot-long mural, #DrawMeBackDocklands, and a diverse array of restaurants and cafés that will suit anyone’s liking!

Northside Dublin hidden gems
Visit the EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum, in Docklands.


Drumcondra Northside Dublin hidden gems
Find Drumcondra in Dublin 9!

Drumcondra is a quiet suburban area in Northside Dublin, home to many young families and independent businesses.

Here the streets are lined with terraced homes, green leafy trees, and benches, where locals sit juggling a book and a cup of coffee. You’ll find flower-filled parks (Griffith Park, Archbishop’s House), where children outdoors all day. Drumcondra is the perfect escape from the buzzing city centre.


Contarf in Northside Dublin
Find Clontarf in Dublin 3!

A seaside district offering a plethora of things to do, Clontarf streets are sprinkled with chic pubs and restaurants, such as Harry Byrnes and Bay Restaurant, where guests lounge outside, sharing pints and starters.

A tourist favorite is the elegant 4-star hotel, The Clontarf Castle.

Along the coast, cyclists overlook temperate sailboats as they trail towards secluded Dublin beach, Bull Island.

Clear your mind of false biases, and go explore to Northside to unveil its beauty! How? Take bus 39a to 11 towards Drumcondra, bus 39a towards Docklands and/or Stoneybatter, and bus 46a to 130 towards Clontarf. Don’t forget to share your photos of the Northside with #Connect123!

Roselie Kelly

Roselie began her journey abroad after graduating in Journalism and pursuing an internship through Connect-123, in Dublin. After two months in the Emerald Island, she fell in love and decided to stay. Roselie is best known for having three crazy sisters, her love of Irish chocolate, picking up new hobbies and fighting the Dublin traffic on her bike! She is new to the Connect-123 family and is overwhelmingly excited to help guide others during their internships abroad.

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