Cape Town Innovation Experienceship

Cape Town Innovation Experienceship

The future of work is changing. The globalized future holds big risks but also incredible opportunity, and that opportunity will be reserved for those who can approach problems from a fresh angle, combine ideas in a new way, and identify and capitalize on unexpected developments.

Here’s what that means: In the future, no matter what it says on your business card, you will need to think like an entrepreneur.

Connect-123 has partnered with Corkscrew Startup School, which has taken these big concepts and turned them into a powerful program that will reframe the way you think about ideas, your job, and even your career — no matter what field you choose.

The Innovation Experienceship allows you to travel, learn, and gain experience over the course of an intense four weeks. By combining rigorous workshop-based training with real world practice, you will develop key skills for the job market of the future. You will develop a business idea and build a professional portfolio. You will learn how to solve problems creatively, think laterally, present with confidence, and lead teams.

Whether you are still in school, embarking on your career, or about to launch the next great startup, your fastest path to success leads through the Innovation Experienceship.

The Innovation Experienceship differs from our custom internships. Here is a quick overview:

Content: This program combines workshop-based learning and direct work with entrepreneurs

Who it’s for: Since entrepreneurial skills are increasingly important for any successful career, this program is as valuable for someone planning on being an employee as much as it is for someone planning the next big startup.

Next Innovation Experienceship Program: June 2-30, 2018 (additional July dates possible)

Program Fee: $3,000

Maximum group size: 20 students

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