Negeen Aghassibake

Education Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
6 August 2015

Throughout my college career, I always told myself that I would do something exciting and adventurous that would also contribute to my education, but it took getting dangerously close to my graduation date for me to actually take the plunge. And now that I have, I am happier than ever that I chose Connect-123 for the ride. Interning in Dublin was one of the most amazing experiences of my college career.

The opportunity to learn about my area of interest in another country was valuable in terms of gaining an international view of my desired career path. To say this experience was incredible is an understatement. I am grateful to Connect-123 for arranging a personalized internship that helped shape my career goals as well as my personal growth!

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Meredith Kahan

Education Intern | Dublin
Sherwood High School
4 October 2017

Going to Ireland was such an amazing experience for me and doing it through Connect-123 made it even better. Connect-123 made it possible for me to make friends and travel while I visited Ireland. Our program coordinator met me on my second day of being in Ireland and explained to me how to get around Dublin, using the public transportation system, how to get to my internship, and the plans for the...

Brittney Frehner

Education & Child Life Intern | Dublin
Brigham Young University
26 July 2016

As I reflect back on the past 6 months, to all the experiences I’ve had, places I’ve seen, and humans I have come to love, my heart has become immensely... fat. It’s hard to explain how much love I feel for the world and for the people I have met, but I can tell you that my heart has grown at least 17 sizes. If we were to see it in an...

Inma Perez

Education Intern | Dublin
Autonomous University of Barcelona
10 August 2015

My internship in Dublin has been absolutely amazing, so far. Connect-123 helped me to put into words the kind of job I was looking for and was very helpful with so many information and useful advice to settle in and start working. Dublin is a vibrant city with life music everywhere. Besides, you can do so many things you never get bored. The surrounding landscape is also breathtaking. This internship...

Maddie Prause

Education Intern | Dublin
Texas A&M University
27 July 2015

This past summer I had the privilege of interning at an at-risk youth program in Dublin. First off, I I could not actually believe what an incredible summer this one became. From the best roommates and the other long-lasting friendships formed from other participants in the program, to all the exciting socials from the beginning of my stay I knew I was meant to be here. As a youth coordinator...

Aileen Stoddard

Education Intern | Dublin
Sonoma State University Graduate
3 February 2015

My time in Dublin was unforgettable. Connect-123 placed me in a classroom where I gained valuable knowledge about teaching. The lead teacher at the school was so welcoming and allowed me to take on a full time teaching schedule with her help. It was amazing to be able to try out the career I want to one day have and I owe it all to Connect-123. During my time in...