The countdown is over…it is HERE!

By Eimear Costigan

And we have lift-off! Cape Town is awash with colour today, the first day of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa! Cars are covered in flags, driving around honking their horns, the sound of vuvuzuelas provides a constant background noise and the excitement is absolutely at fever pitch!

Last night’s Cape Town Welcomes the World Party surpassed all expectations, with live music at the Fan Fest, the switching on of the special Adderley Street lights, and a carnival parade of such sparkling colour and diversity it left onlookers speechless. The party continued on Long Street with spontaneous dancing in the street, vuvuzuela hooting and celebrating continuing through the night. Cape Town we are so proud of you today – and there is a whole month more of this to come!

Understanding why people seek new and meaningful experiences overseas is easy for Eimear. While completing her languages degree at university in Dublin, she spent summers working in France, Spain and the UK, and studied at the University of Bordeaux for a year. Her previous role as an international Marketing Manager for a US multi-national took her to North America and all over Europe, while her itchy feet took her to Central America and Japan in her spare time. Eimear gets a real kick out of matching the right person to the right opportunity – and loves seeing interns fall under Cape Town’s spell, just as she has done.

Eimear Costigan

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