Top 10 Best Travel Memes!

By Katie Arango

Here are our top ten favorite travel memes, because sometimes words alone just don’t cut it and you need a sarcastic, albeit true, image to get your point across.

1.  Challenge accepted.

2.  Wonka knows – studying, interning and volunteering abroad is the way to go!

3. It’s going to be a tolerable 15+ hours after all!

4.  Pretty sure no one ever said that.

5.  In-flight uniform: yoga pants + flip flops.

6.  The Awkward Penguin approach to going abroad is not one we recommend.

7.  What was the old adage about laying out all your clothes and all your money, and bringing half the clothes and double the money….?

8.  Happens every time.

9.   How many of your friends are guilty of this?

10.  The only way to study!  Well, not the only way, but definitely the best way.

How great is the internet?

Katie Arango

Program Director, Argentina:Katie, a US native, had traveled to Buenos Aires on several extended trips before the city’s lure became too strong and she decided to call it home. Long fascinated by the global scene, Katie earned a degree in International Studies from Miami University and spent time studying and living in Madrid, Spain. She then worked in marketing for an international board game company followed by a brief foray as an online community editor for several websites before joining the Connect-123 team. Still a tourist at heart herself, Katie loves watching newcomers discover the charm of Buenos Aires and takes great pleasure in helping them make the most out of their work and volunteer opportunities while experiencing everything this dynamic city has to offer.

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