How does the program work?

So you understand that we have five great destinations, with awesome local teams to support you during your time abroad. You know we take an individual approach, matching you to an opportunity tailored to your background and objectives. But how does it really work in practice?

You’re probably expecting that we start with all the paperwork, right? Well actually, the first step is simply a conversation. Use the enquiry form to tell us what you are interested in - and it’s no problem if the details are still vague. Maybe you can’t decide between our destinations, or between two areas of interest, or maybe your dates and availability are still unclear. Don’t worry - all of this can be covered during our initial phone call.

Once you have submitted an enquiry, someone from our team (yes – a real person!) will respond with basic information relevant to your indicated area of interest, and arrange a phone call. We’ll connect you to the person on our team best suited to discuss the program you’re interested in, and ask you to send us your resume/CV.

The phone conversation is key and is deliberately scheduled before any commitment is made on your part. You should feel 100% confident that this is the right program for you. We will discuss your objectives for this experience, any specific concerns or doubts you might have, or even what you did last weekend – anything that helps us get to know YOU. All of this will help us tailor the opportunity to you – and in the meantime you are gaining a better understanding of exactly what our program has to offer.

And then it’s time for the paperwork. Once you have decided to join the program we need a completed application form and two letters of recommendation from you. We also require payment of the $300 program fee deposit, which provided you have not approved a placement, is 100% refundable up until two weeks after we send the first offer to you.

Then we will get to work, using our vast network to identify the most suitable opportunities for you. Often this part of the process is quite collaborative and we are always interested in your honest feedback to help narrow down the options. The result? An internship or volunteer position that is right for you!

Next, we can provide as much pre-trip support, advice and information about your host organization or institution and your destination city as you want. You’ll receive an information pack, some useful guidelines to making the most of your experience, and we’ll answer every question you have as we help you prepare for your extraordinary international experience!