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Rebecca Pedras

Health Care internship
University of San Francisco
28 February 2018

Connect-123 gave me a unique opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally. My internship abroad in Buenos Aires gave me insight into how rehabilitation is approached across borders; and that similarities can be found half a world away. Developing my Spanish has added that extra layer of meaning for me because I was able to learn and share with more people throughout this process. Connections made, time well spent and memories I will not forget. Thank you.

Brittany King

Journalism internship | Dublin
University of Saskatchewan
28 February 2018

I have always wanted to travel, but after graduating, I wanted to gain experience in my career as well. That is when I looked into internships abroad and I came across Connect-123. The reviews spoke highly of the program and I was not disappointed. My coordinator was wonderful. She made me feel comfortable being in a new country by myself and provided me with amazing ideas to get the most out of my trip. The placement they found was amazing and the people were so nice and helpful. I learned a lot and gained a lot of experience. I worked at a newspaper and wrote at least five articles every week. It was a very busy two months, my days were filled with my work as an intern and with lots of travel and fun activities too. I visited downtown Dublin many times, went to Kilkenny, Glendalough, Wicklow, Galway, Cliffs of Moher, Belfast and even travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland. Connect-123 gave me the best experience of my life where I got the chance to travel and gain experience to further my career. This program is the best choice for students interested in an internship abroad.

Internships in Dublin

Ellie Shoji

Medical and Health Care Internship | Dublin
University of Toronto
28 February 2018

Reflecting on the five-and-a-half months in Ireland I spent interning with Connect-123 as a research assistant at a University, I have to say that it was the best decision I have made for myself, ever. I applied for an internship with Connect-123 after deciding to pursue medicine and research. All I knew when I began my internship was what my research project entailed and the expectations the university had for me as an intern. Throughout my internship, I met Masters students and PhD students who became my friends and my mentors in research. I began to enjoy research and I was very fortunate to work with a great team. My supervisors were supportive, enthusiastic, critical and encouraging. As a bonus, I was invited to attend and helped organize a major conference that the university was hosting for the first time. It was a great way to finish off my research assistant internship. Behind the scenes I was supported by the Connect-123 Dublin Program Coordinator, Nikki Madden. It was very reassuring to have someone to reach out to and I felt safe with her by my side. I do not think anyone could do what Nikki does for the Connect-123 students. Nikki organized regular events for us, which was a great way to bring us together as friends and teach us a bit about Dublin since it can be hard to be in a new place without having anyone to talk to. As an avid traveler, it can be exciting to face new challenges in a new country but it is always the people that make it the best experience and worth the stay. Without Nikki & Lea, I would not have been able to meet my wonderful host family who are like an extended family that made me feel like Ireland is my other home. I would like to thank Connect-123 for making it possible for me to have the experience of a lifetime, and for the wonderful support you provided for me and my younger brother who interned with Connect-123 previously.

Internships in Dublin

Liz Srulevich

Film & Photography Internship | Dublin
Middlebury College
28 February 2018

After graduating from high school last June, I decided to take a semester off - which, thanks to Connect-123, ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made. In Dublin, I was placed into a small television production company, where I pitched ideas, wrote proposals, and worked closely with industry veterans. I lived close to the city centre, which made exploring Dublin really convenient. And, most of all, I never felt completely on my own - the incredible Dublin program coordinator always made sure everything was going by smoothly. Without Connect-123’s help, none of this would’ve been possible. So, if you’re reading this testimonial and are wondering if this program is really worth it, let me leave you with the following: Intern abroad if you’re interested in honing in on what you’re passionate about, becoming more mature and independent, and/or opening yourself up to new experiences. Connect-123 really does deliver.

Internships in Dublin

Laura Davids

Medical and Health Care Internship | Buenos Aires
Wake Forest University
15 February 2018

My internship in Buenos Aires is something that I will always remember fondly. The city is vibrant and I had a never-ending list of things that I wanted to do! From Plaza de Mayo to intimate tango shows in San Telmo, there was never a dull moment. The people were kind and the city was unlike any place I have ever lived. Traveling around Argentina was also an incredible experience! My internship welcomed me with open arms, and I learned a great deal that I feel will be helpful to me in my future career. I am leaving Argentina with new passions and goals for my future, based on experiences I have had here. I initially had difficulty understanding the Argentine accent, but picked it up after a few weeks! Being immersed in the language helped my Spanish improve exponentially. The coordinators at Connect-123 were also very helpful, and answered every question I ever had. Having the support system of Connect-123 helped me make the most of my time in Buenos Aires!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Julian Douglass

Animal Science and Wildlife internship | Dublin
NOVA College
29 January 2018


I am very happy with the time I spent in Dublin, thanks to Connect-123. My internship program coordinator provided amazing levels of support. She organized fun activities for the interns, including a trip to Galway, an escape room visit and several dinners out in Temple Bar. My internship was equally satisfying. The staff in charge were welcoming and my supervisor allowed me to set my own hours. The work was varied, with me spending time working with dogs and cats, as well as working with several tour groups. It was rewarding and taught me more about working with animals. I had a great time, not only at work, but in Dublin proper. Thanks Connect-123!

Internships in Dublin

Cody Larimore-Siu

Entreprenurial internship | Dublin
California Polytechnic State University
29 January 2018

As part of the program I am in at my university, students are encouraged to spend at least one quarter studying or working abroad to further prepare us for the global marketplace and provide us with intercultural communication skills. I decided to do the latter, but I had no idea where to start my search for an internship abroad. After looking around at companies that offered internship placements abroad, I settled on Connect-123 because of the countless positive reviews I had read. And I was not disappointed. The Connect-123 internship program helped me along every step of the way and without them I don't think my experience would have been the same. They helped me find both my internship and housing in Dublin, they made sure I had all the correct travel documents and that someone picked me up from the airport. Additionally the program director for Dublin was so welcoming and friendly, she was constantly organizing events and checking in with us to make sure that everything was okay. My actual internship was as a whole a very rewarding and educational experience, I feel like my professional skills have benefited greatly. The people at Connect-123 did an excellent job of placing me. In general, I would highly encourage anyone considering an internship abroad to just go for it, it’s truly a life changing experience.

Internships in Dublin

John Lisella

Marketing intern | Dublin
University of Colorado at Boulder
22 January 2018

My name is John Lisella and this is my Connect-123 story. I was a 21 year old college student who had just made the decision to discontinue playing Division 1 football at my university due to health concerns. I was ready to move forward and leave that chapter of my life behind. With one semester left in college, it was the first time in my life I felt unprepared to graduate and enter the real world. I was lost, walking through the hallways concerned about my future when a paper on one of our business school bulletin boards caught my eye with the caption “Interested in Traveling Abroad?” After attending the meeting I was introduced to Connect-123. Connect-123 has opened doors up for me that I never would have thought imaginable. As a young college student who wanted to find himself and experience life away from home, Connect-123 provided me with an opportunity and memories that will last me a lifetime. Not only do they connect you with businesses and organizations that fit your needs and abilities, but they walk through each step. I am grateful for my experience working in Dublin, Ireland, and the many friendships and business experiences I was able to take away from my internship. The thing I am most thankful for is the friendships I made that will last a lifetime. The 2017 summer group in Dublin were some of the most fun courageous and unique people I have ever met. From hiking and exploring the countryside to dancing in the city, I thank Connect-123 for giving us the time of our lives in Dublin, Ireland.  The short and sweet summer trip has inspired me to follow my dreams. I am currently coaching American football in Roma, Italy and living with an amazing host family while studying the language. I would not be where I am at today without Connect-123. They should change the company to “Connect Unlimited” because truly, your connections and experiences you receive have unlimited value.

Internships in Dublin

Paige Rideout

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Ball State University
18 January 2018

My experience with Connect-123 was nothing short of amazing. My initial expectation was to gain an internship, but I left with so much more. Connect-123 not only guided me to the internship of my dreams, but they also connected me to a new-found family. I built lasting relationships with employers, made life-long friendships and found my home away from home. Working as an intern in marketing not only confirmed my classroom knowledge, but also gave me a platform to develop new skills related to my field. Connect-123 is an experience that will challenge you, connect you and propel your professional career forward. They give you the tools necessary to succeed, so get ready!

Internships in Cape Town

Staci Tiedeken

Astronomy Internship | Dublin
University of Iowa
21 November 2017

After graduating college, I wanted to do a bit of traveling but also wanted to maintain a connection with my specialization. This is where Connect-123 came in. I wasn’t expecting them to find something that fit with my area of expertise because it’s not the most studied topic. However, they surprised me with aplacement in a wonderful organization that allowed me to share my passion for astronomy. I will always be grateful for Connect-123’s hard work and dedication on finding me this internship in Dublin. Dublin is a marvelous city with a vibrant atmosphere full of kind-hearted people. It’s difficult to walk down a street and not hear/see someone playing a musical instrument or entertaining passersby in some other way. I didn’t live in the city centre itself, but the public transportation system is very well laid out which made traveling quite easy. The Dublin program coordinator is an absolute gem, and it’s obvious that she cares about your experience abroad from the first day you arrive. If you ever need anything or have an issue pop up, she is incredibly easy to reach and makes sure that you’re able to reach the other interns as well. Thank you to Connect-123 for this stellar experience!

Internships in Dublin

Sophia Nelson

Human Rights Intern | Cape Town
Drexel University
7 November 2017

Cape Town is an amazing place with an incredible, important history; it should definitely be on everyone’s bucket lists! I was able go on such amazing adventures, including a safari, wine tasting, sky diving, shark cage diving, and beautiful hikes. The city has delicious food, too. I ate at a few different markets and so many cool restaurants, all with unique atmospheres and aesthetics. I got to work with an organization that improves the lives and educations of youth in Africa, which was a great experience, and is something I’m very passionate about. Also, Connect-123 planned these really fun events for everyone in the program to get to know each other. I still keep in touch with the friends I made in Cape Town. Living and working abroad has taught me so many life skills and given me wonderful experiences I will never forget. I know I’m going to be back there soon!

Internships in Cape Town

Valeria Isgro

Law Intern | Dublin
University of Genoa, Italy
5 November 2017

If you are looking for an opportunity to gain life experiences, Dublin is the right place! Thanks to Connect-123, your internship will be absolutely perfect and in line with your expectations. I stayed in Dublin for 2 months from January to March. In the time I was there, I worked in a law firm of solicitors. My main tasks were answering the phone calls, helping clients in need, managing post and email conversations, and attending courts. I was surrounded by competent people, who helped me feel comfortable in and out of the office. Along with an internship in your field, Connect-123 also offers various opportunities to discover Ireland with other people in the program! I recommend this journey to anyone is looking for a memorable learning experience; mine was unforgettable!

Internships in Dublin

Maria Cacciapuoti

Medical Intern | Dublin
University of Virginia
1 November 2017

After graduating college a semester early, I knew I wanted to find an internship experience abroad, but didn’t know where to start. But after finding out about Connect-123, everything fell perfectly into place! Connect-123 was able to place me in an Immunology Lab in the Pathology Department within one of the largest hospital systems in Ireland, and I absolutely loved my experience there. My coworkers were so friendly and welcoming, and I learned about an entire new branch of science with which I hadn’t previously had much exposure. Now, as I apply for medical school back in the US, admissions committees are eager and excited to hear about my opportunity to work in another country’s healthcare system. Connect-123 also helped me find housing in a fantastic area of Dublin with other international students. The people I lived with ended up being my closest friends, and we travelled within Ireland and throughout Europe together.In addition to helping with logistical tasks like job placement and housing, Connect-123 truly made Dublin feel like home during my few months there. My program coordinator was an amazing mentor and friend and went out of her way to make sure all the Connect participants were having fun and experiencing everything Ireland has to offer. She was always just a text or call away when I had any problems or questions, from learning how to use Dublin’s public transportation system to restaurant recommendations and everything in between. We all got together as a group at least weekly to do different activities around Dublin, as well as several day trips to other parts of Ireland. It was incredible to have a group of friends to explore the city with, and I made friends from around the globe who I still keep in contact with to this day. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from Dublin or Ireland in general, but I came home from my trip with a deep appreciation and love of Irish culture. I can’t speak highly enough about the hospitality and warm welcome I received from every single Irish person I met. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from my experience abroad, and I can’t wait to return to Ireland one day!

Internships in Dublin

Joyce Jamal

Architecture Intern | Barcelona
Lebanese American University
15 October 2017

I definitely keep reminiscing over my time in Barcelona. This will forever be a cherished learning and growing experience for me. And I only have Connect-123 to thank for making it possible! They were always there to help me and answer my questions, as well as reassure me making me constantly feel that I am in safe hands. Connect-123 understands the difficulties a student traveling abroad alone would face, and they made sure to hold several events to introduce me to other students that were also in my shoes. I was able to meet people from places I’ve never visited before and take part in new and exciting activities! As for the internship itself, my gratitude towards this organization is immense. I was given the opportunity to work with very welcoming people that guided, taught and helped me. I was taken seriously and seen as a real co-worker instead of just a “student”. I came back home with an unparalleled knowledge which will definitely assist my career and enrich my CV.

Internships in Barcelona

Jordan Thompson

Hospitality Intern | Barcelona
University of South Carolina
10 October 2017

Connect-123 help to facilitate one of the best summers I’ve ever had. They gifted me with the opportunity to travel and work abroad in the field that I love, all the while learning a new culture. They made sure that my experience was as great as possible, matching me up with an amazing host workplace, continually checking in on me, and always available for tips on how to get adjusted. Honestly I can not thank them enough for the opportunity!

Internships in Barcelona

Alina Bosa

Cancer Research Intern | Dublin
The University of British Columbia, Canada
7 October 2017

My summer internship in Dublin with Connect-123 was one of the most rewarding experiences I have encountered. I had the opportunity to work hands on at a hospital aiding in the research of gynaecological cancers. The staff of Connect-123 welcomed me as soon as I arrived and ensured that my experience in Dublin was one to remember by hosting numerous actives and different adventures throughout the summer, as well as answering any questions that I had. It was a great experience having the opportunity to work in a different country and making life-long friends along the way. I highly recommend Connect-123 to those who are interested in learning abroad and who also want to travel while doing so.

Internships in Dublin

Meredith Kahan

Education Intern | Dublin
Sherwood High School
4 October 2017

Going to Ireland was such an amazing experience for me and doing it through Connect-123 made it even better. Connect-123 made it possible for me to make friends and travel while I visited Ireland. Our program coordinator met me on my second day of being in Ireland and explained to me how to get around Dublin, using the public transportation system, how to get to my internship, and the plans for the group's next few months in Dublin. She planned amazing trips for us including a weekend in Galway, a visit to the Cliffs of Moher, and a tour through Giants Causeway. Having Connect-123's help during my time abroad gave me a base to pose questions to and a person I knew I could lean on for anything while I was away from home. My internship was through an afterschool center for kids to play and get their energy out before the end of the day. While I was working there I learned to become more patient and understanding. I also strengthened my communication and problem-solving skills because I had to help kids understand why they could not do something like throw a ball at another child. I will always remember my time in Ireland and I can truly say that my internship made it so much better.

Internships in Dublin

Maggie Schmitt

Play Therapy Intern | Dublin
Mount Holyoke College
3 October 2017

I recently spent six weeks in Dublin, Ireland working in an amazing internship that Connect-123 set up for me. Not only did they help me get the internship and all travel/living arrangements in order, but they have an AWESOME coordinator in Dublin who is there to help. Through Connect-123 I was able to have cool new experiences and meet people from all over the world. I can't think of a better way that I could have gotten internship experience in the beautiful country of Ireland. I had an incredible trip and I learned a lot! I would 100% tell you to use this program!

Internships in Dublin

Jincheng (George) Zhang

Finance Intern | Shanghai
Georgetown University
30 September 2017

I had an incredible internship experience with Connect-123 in Shanghai. As a finance major student, I was able to leverage the platform Connect-123 provided to work in an elite boutique investment bank. I enjoyed this investment banking internship experience, as the assignments and projects I worked on were both challenging and exciting. I was given a lot of responsibilities in assisting my supervisor in analyzing various industries and I had opportunities to attend meetings with top executives from some of the largest companies. I am grateful for this meaningful experience. It provided me such an important foundation for my future career endeavor. Besides work, Connect-123’s program coordinators are super friendly and helpful. They provided us guidance on everything we needed and arranged us for lots of fun activities over the course of the internships. I strongly recommend students to leverage this unique internship platform to advance their careers and studies.

Internships in Shanghai

Abdallah Haq

Supply Chain Management Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
29 September 2017

The summer I spent in Ireland was easily the best time of my life, thanks to the Connect-123 team. I was simply expecting them to match me up with an internship and then take a backseat, but the they remained involved in the program throughout the summer. Thanks to my program coordinators, I saw parts of Ireland and experienced the culture in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. From stunning coastal hikes to the mesmerizing Irish countryside, they knew exactly the right spots to show us the spirit of Ireland. Their knowledge of Dublin was truly indispensable in things like finding the best places to eat and mapping the fastest route to work. Regarding the internship, I gained considerable experience in my field that has been beneficial in helping me focus on a specific career path in my industry. Thanks to working in a very nurturing environment, I was never hesitant to suggest innovative ideas and try things my way, which enabled me to grow both professionally and personally.

Internships in Dublin