Why Connect-123?

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience in an exciting international city then you’ve made a great start! Connect-123 has developed programs in cities that we love – Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dublin, Shanghai and Sydney. We know our intern, volunteer and study abroad experiences are second to none because of the flexibility of our programs, the quality of opportunities available, and the unparalleled on-the-ground support we provide.

You’ll notice the Connect-123 difference before you even pack your bags. We are interested, first and foremost, in you! We want to know your unique career, personal and academic objectives.

We won’t present you with a finite list of options to choose from – why limit the possibilities? We first listen to your individual requirements, then explore relevant options, and ultimately connect you with a uniquely rewarding experience, tailored to provide you with the richest, most enjoyable learning possible. No need to worry about having to arrive on a certain date or stay for a predetermined length of time. Our programs are tailor-made, so simply let us know how much time you have available and when you can arrive and we’ll find an opportunity that works for your schedule.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic on-the-ground teams in each location are committed to providing you access to the best opportunities to suit your objectives, whether you want an internship, volunteer or study abroad experience. You’ll find our network of contacts within local companies, nonprofit organizations, schools, research institutes, foundations, hospitals and health care clinics in each of our destination cities is well established and extensive.

Of course, once you arrive in your chosen destination, we’ll share all our insider tips with you. We focus on relevant and targeted advice, based on our experience of welcoming program participants to these incredible cities. Simply put, we know what you need to know – and we’re excited to share it with you!

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North America

Barcelona, Cape Town & Dublin onsite programs are now open!

Have a life-changing internship experience aligned with your interests in Barcelona, Cape Town or Dublin!
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