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Volunteer Intern Barcelona
Volunteer Intern Buenos Aires
Volunteer Intern Cape Town
Volunteer Intern Dublin
Volunteer Intern Shanghai
Volunteer Intern Sydney
Internship in Barcelona

Not only did I improve my teaching skills but other work skills I didn’t know I had. I was able to improve my Spanish and now feel confident talking with native Spanish speakers. I truly felt challenged and feel confident that this experience will make me stand out in the work world.

Global Studies Intern, Drexel University
Internship in Dublin

Connect-123’s international internship program has given me an experience like no other, pushing me out of my comfort zone in ways I didn’t even know were possible and learning so much in only a matter of weeks. My digital marketing and events planning internship taught me so much both about the field and myself.

Media Intern, SUNY Oneonta
Medical Internship in Cape Town

My time in Cape Town was truly memorable. I had the opportunity to complete an observership/internship at the hospital where I was able to learn from the Department of Neurosurgery. My healthcare experience was a well-rounded one as I also had the opportunity to observe other scopes of practice, such as anesthesia, child life, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physiotherapy.

Kinesiology Intern, Lakehead University
Child Life Practicum in Cape Town

I was able to experience Child Life in a different culture, working with various patients and their families in a healthcare setting different than I was used to.

Child Life Practicum, Kansas State University
Internship in Barcelona

Throughout the duration of my time abroad I met a lot of different people and made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work for a startup in Barcelona, Spain. Overall, I am extremely grateful to have had an internship abroad for it has expanded my perspective on the world.

Mechanical Engineering Intern, Temple University
Engineering Internship in Dublin

Connect-123 played a huge role in providing a smooth transition into Irish culture and history. They put on multiple events each month, giving me the opportunity to bond with the other interns. These events brought a variety of people from different places around the world together, allowing me to connect with other cultures.

AI / Engineering Intern , Drexel University
Biomedical Engineering Internship in Barcelona

I've wanted to work abroad since I started studying at university, but had always lacked the foresight and planning to be comfortable with spending an extended period overseas. Connect-123 provided me with help in all of these areas; quickly providing job offers, housing availability and all sorts of resources for living in comfort.

Biomedical Engineering Intern, Drexel University

My internship allowed me to learn about environmental issues and education in Argentina while developing professional skills like writing and doing research. Going into this experience I hadn’t spoken Spanish in years, but my supervisor and other staff were so kind, generous and patient that I was able to feel at ease practicing at the office.

Communications Intern, Carleton University
Social Work Internship in Cape Town

This summer I had the unique opportunity to work for an NGO that aims to uplift the homeless population of Cape Town by providing meaningful job opportunities, a monthly income, and social work services.

Social Work Intern, Rhodes College
Social Work Internship in Cape Town

I explored an absolutely beautiful country while getting work experience at an internship of my choice. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything.

Social Work Intern, Florida Atlantic University
Health Care Internship in Shanghai

During my internship in Shanghai, I learned so much about who I am and what I value. I am currently a senior at Earlham College and hope to go into nursing after I graduate. I was welcomed by the hospital community with open arms and was lucky to learn about many facets of the Chinese medical system.

Health Care Intern, Earlham College

This program not only allows students the internship experience they need on their resume, but also a better understanding of global business and culture. It was the best experience I've ever had at an internship and abroad.

Animation Intern, University of Southern California

Working with physicians and other staff members at one of the most famous international hospitals in Shanghai, China has helped me grow as an individual and gave me a clear vision of what practicing medicine is like. It is mainly because of this experience that I am now able to finally say that medicine is definitely the career path I want to take.

Heath Care Intern, Earlham College

My six months as an intern with Connect-123 was an incredible learning experience. I met so many wonderful people at my internship, in Buenos Aires and around Argentina. I have returned to the US with skills I can carry with me for the rest of my life, as well as long-lasting friendships and amazing memories.

Medical Intern, Drexel University

Consider this program even if you don’t know any Chinese. In Shanghai, I got by from only knowing English because many people were bilingual and some public spaces had English translated signs. But still try to learn some basic Mandarin, as even a little bit can go a long way.

Communications Intern, Earlham College
Internship in Buenos Aires

My time in Buenos Aires was amazing. I interned for a municipal government, and got the opportunity to write draft bills to present to local council.

Public Policy Intern, Michigan State University

In Buenos Aires I was able to make connections, improve my Spanish, better clarify career goals, and experience life in a vibrant, unique city.

Finance Intern, Carleton University
Carla Simone Testimonial

My two-month internship in Buenos Aires exceeded all of my expectations. This program is a great way to be immersed in another language and culture and I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Education and Teaching Intern, Michigan State University
Erika Morgan Testimonial

If you are looking for an outstanding practicum that can help you grow not only professionally but on a personal level as well, THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

Child Life Program, Nova Southeastern University

Connect-123 provided me with an amazing experience. Thanks to my internship at an NGO, I was able to learn so much about South Africa’s education system.

Education and Teaching Intern, Washington and Lee University

My stay in Barcelona was an experience that I will remember forever. I was able to work on my career, meet new people and make new friends.

Public Relations Intern, University of Colorado at Boulder
Grace Judd Testimonial

Choosing to intern in a foreign country was a great experience for me. I was able to gain professional experience while having the unique opportunity of meeting people from various cultures and backgrounds.

Chemical Engineering Intern, Ohio University
Taylor Paglino Testimonial

My internship helped me think outside the box. I was given several creative projects to work on and was introduced to tools a college course doesn't necessarily provide.

Marketing Intern, SUNY at Oneonta
Alexis Zvanut Testimonial

My time in Cape Town was filled with joy and a lot of laughter. I prepared children for what to expect while in the hospital, learned the benefits of therapeutic and medical play, built relationships with children and their families, and learned the true value of play and how it is a universal language.

Child Life Program, University of Missouri
Karina Taveras Testimonial

I observed our preceptors provide procedural support and developmentally appropriate medical and therapeutic play in the hospital setting. Then, I was able to use the tools I learned through observation to implement those practices on my own. I was able to fine-tune my clinical skills as a child life student and expand my knowledge working with a culturally diverse population.

Child Life Program, Nova Southeastern University
Rebecca Willis Testimonial

Connect-123 offered exactly what I was looking for! With their connections in Barcelona, they were able to offer me a two-month internship at an immigration law firm.

Law Intern, University of Glasgow

Being involved in such a challenging and demanding industry in this vibrant city put me at a great advantage. On my first day, I was already working to produce architectural plans for a client. As I progressed, I soon had to prepare architectural drawings which I discussed with the team in our project meetings. An incredible hands-on experience, I was able to be part of the design process, working on the initial drawings, to seeing the actual construction of the projects during our site visits.

Architecture Intern, Coventry University
Erika Medina testimonial

Do an internship overseas, do something that takes you out of your comfort zone, do something that simultaneously scares you a little bit but excites you at the same time. It’s so worth it and it does wonders for your growing soul and curious mind. The impact this one decision can have can be life-changing! Traveling, working and learning overseas is an opportunity so few get, so if you have that chance, take it!

Interior Design Intern, Western Carolina University
Jeyzon Fernandez Testimonial

I’ve no regrets in the choice that I made in joining the Connect-123 family and picking Barcelona as the place to pursue my career objectives. For any young soul out there who is contemplating on doing an internship in a foreign country that calls your attention, just do it. It's well worth it!

Journalism Intern, University of Barcelona
Sarah Tatchi Testimonial

My child life practicum in Cape Town, South Africa was amazing! Connect-123 gave me the chance to go aboard and expand on something I am passionate about.

Child Life Program, Eastern Tennessee State University
Mustafa Mobarez Testimonial

Barcelona was one of the most eye-opening and greatest experiences that I have ever had. This is all due to Connect-123 and their amazing team. Through this program, I grew both personally and professionally.

Business Intern, University of Colorado at Boulder
Madeline Frank Testimonial

Connect-123 gave me the opportunity to gain valuable career-building experience, travel to a new country, and meet wonderful people throughout the journey!

Environmental Intern, Drexel University
Madeline Brent Testimonial

My internship in Dublin was wonderful. I worked at Trinity University in a biobank archiving and processing medical samples.

Medical Research Intern, Drexel University

Thanks to Connect-123, I secured a placement in a non-profit organization that assists immigrants and refugees with naturalization in Dublin, Ireland. This experience is by far one of the best I’ve had.

Human Rights Intern, Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla
internship in Buenos Aires

I have developed various crucial skills, such as intercultural sensitivity and health-oriented communication, as well as improved my ability to apply these skills in an appropriate setting. Altogether, during my time abroad in Buenos Aires, I have been able to strengthen my education and gain real-life experience, which will be essential assets in my future profession.

Healthcare Intern, Københavns Professionshøjskole
engineering internship

My Connect-123 experience brought me to two cities: Barcelona, Spain and Dublin, Ireland. My Barcelona experience was one of the most memorable of my life. My internship was in engineering and was very relevant to both my academic and professional goals.

Engineering Intern, Drexel University
Human Rights internship in Cape Town

I loved every minute of my time in Cape Town. I was able to gain so much experience in my field while obtaining life experiences that I only dreamt of having. I don’t believe words can express the love I have gained for South Africa.

Human Rights Intern, Salisbury University
Child Life Practicum

Under the supervision of a CCLS, I was given the autonomy to practice hands-on therapeutic interventions and procedural preparation to meet the diverse psychosocial needs of hospitalized children and their families. I was able to collaborate with other practicum students for ideas, and work together to do activities at bedside and in play areas that incorporated the whole family unit.

Child Life Program, Texas Woman's University
internship in Cape Town

The two months I spent in Cape Town were two of the best months of my life and I cannot wait to go back. From the connections I made to everything that I saw and did both at work and outside of it, I was able to accomplish all that I went there for and more.

Film Intern, University of Pennsylvania
Internship in Buenos Aires

My six month internship in Buenos Aires surpassed all my expectations. I would definitely recommend Buenos Aires and Connect-123 to anyone who asks!

Web Development Intern, Drexel University
internship in Cape Town

My internship in Cape Town at a nonprofit institute dedicated to environmental conservation & education taught me about sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Intern, Washington and Lee University
Film internship in Cape Town

Connect-123 not only ‘connected’ me to an incredible professional opportunity, but also to amazing people in Cape Town. I worked at a media-based NGO that uses documentary-style filmmaking to catalyze change on a global level. I was able to learn film editing, work on digital marketing projects, build a proposal to incubate small businesses in townships around Cape Town, and form strong relationships with everyone at my workplace.

Film Intern, Stanford University
Child Life Practicum in Cape Town

During my Child Life Practicum, I observed an experienced Certified Child Life Specialist within a prominent Children’s Hospital. I was able to grow as a Child Life student while independently performing procedural preparation, and implementing developmentally appropriate activities for children of all ages.

Child Life Program, Birmingham-Southern College
Architecture Internship

My experience with Connect-123 and the internship I had in Dublin was nothing but phenomenal. As for my architecture internship, my experience far exceeded anything I could have hoped for. I have nothing but good things to say about Connect-123 and how they work with their interns, and the experiences I had while in Ireland.

Architecture Intern, Harvard University
Human Rights Internship in Buenos Aires

I leave this experience knowing that we all have an important role to play in society when it comes to influencing the laws and policies that shape our communities. I cannot wait to take what I have learned back home to Canada with me and continue this amazing work!

Human Rights Intern, Vancouver Island University
Child Life Practicum in Cape Town South Africa

My Child Life Practicum in Cape Town, South Africa was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It deepened my passion and drive to become a Child Life Specialist. My Practicum allowed me to work with children and families in ways I would have never dreamed of being able to! I learned how to adapt to a different healthcare system, and witnessed coursework come to life during daily engagements.

Child Life Program, Texas Woman's University
Environmental Internship in Cape Town

This was an incredible opportunity that would have been next to impossible to find back home. I left the program with a great experience, made wonderful friends, learned lots of practical research and field skills, and made many new professional connections that will help me in my professional future. Thank you Connect-123!

Environmental Intern, Simon Fraser University
Social Work Internship in Dublin

I cannot recommend Connect-123 and the lovely team highly enough. From start to finish, my time there was made as comfortable and fun, and the team genuinely care for the welfare of those they are looking after. If you are wondering whether or not to go for it, my advice would be ABSOLUTELY DO. You won’t regret it. I am now applying for my Masters degree in Dublin, possibly to do Addiction Studies, none of which I would be doing if it weren’t for Connect-123.

Social Work Intern, The University of York
Internship in Shanghai

Connect-123 helped me find a fantastic internship teaching English at a summer camp in Shanghai. Not only was my internship incredibly fun, but it also helped me learn more about what I do and don’t want to do in the future. Living in Shanghai for two months was fun and helped me improve my Chinese.

Education Intern, Earlham College
pharmacology internship in Dublin

I worked in an immunology lab, where I learned how to operate centrifuge, Phadia 250 and QuantaLyser. The colleagues and chief scientist were welcoming and patient. Thanks to my pharmacology internship, I gained knowledge of many crucial laboratory skills such as preparing coverslips and writing audits.

Pharmacology Intern, Bristol University
Kolleen Jabbour Law internship in BarcelonaKolleen Jabbour Law internship in Barcelona

I spent two months working in an immigration law firm. I became comfortable with everyone I worked with and they were there if I needed help or had any questions about work, the city or anything! My internship was an experience of a lifetime. I loved my stay in Barcelona and am forever grateful for this experience!

Law Intern, Concordia College
Cole Brightbill Internship in Dublin

I study recording arts and music production at Drexel University. Via the Connect-123 program, I got an internship in Dublin at one of the premier recording studios Ireland. Right off the bat, I was impressed with my placement. My internship in Dublin was one of the most valuable times in my life. 

Music Production Intern, Drexel University
Catherine Kozuch Environmental Sustainability Internship in Buenos Aires

As for my environmental sustainability internship, it was amazing to work with an environmental NGO. It was great to help throughout the city both in getting buildings to utilize more sustainable practices, and spreading environmental education awareness! All in all, I would definitely recommend coming here! 

Sustainable Development Intern, Case Western Reserve University
Meaghan Kincaid Marketing Internship in Barcelona

I did a marketing internship in Barcelona, Spain this summer at a coworking space on the port near Barceloneta. Running the company’s social media platforms and blog section has shown me how marketing and public relations is executed internally. If I could go back and relive this again, I would in a heartbeat!

Marketing & PR Intern, SUNY at Oneonta
Internship in Dublin

I did an 11-week health and wellness internship in Dublin and what I got out of my experience was more than I could have ever imagined. I traveled around Ireland and Europe a bit on the weekends. There were group dinners, weekend trips and events planned for Connect-123 interns. It was an experience I'll never forget.

Health & Wellness Intern, Lake Superior State University
Nina Samarelli Medical internship in Dublin

Connect-123 found the perfect medical internship for me in Dublin! I have had the opportunity to observe what it is really like in a children’s hospital and how things operate. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to advance in my healthcare career, meet some of the most amazing people, and grow into a more independent and confident person.

Healthcare intern, James Madison University
environmental internship in Shanghai

My internship taught me a lot about NGO work, the environmental movement in China and how to work in a professional environment. Overall, a great experience!

Environmental Intern, Carleton College
Internship in Dublin

I enjoyed every second of my time in Ireland this summer. The Connect-123 summer internship program in Dublin is legit and well-organized. The coordinators are wonderful people. I recommend the program to anyone who wants international work experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

Finance and Credit Intern, University of Texas at Dallas
Engineering internship in Buenos Aires

My mechanical engineering internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I met friends, mostly through the Connect-123 events, who I will remember for the rest of my life. I made some treasured memories too.

Mechanical Engineering Intern, University of Texas at Dallas
Internship in Dublin

I completed a web development internship in Dublin, Ireland this summer. I worked at a global tech company, where I gained valuable coding skills. I got the opportunity to observe how work culture differs around the world. My internship experience in Dublin was everything I wanted it to be, and more.

Computer Software Intern, University of Texas at Dallas
Treasure Roberts Journalism internship Cape Town

It was being able to really engage multiple communities of Cape Town. My internship allowed me to see and do things that I never thought I would. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so happy that Connect 123 facilitated it for me.

Journalism Intern, Michigan State University
sustainable development internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Connect-123 facilitated my sustainable development internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina over the summer. It was hands down one the best things I've ever done!

Sustainable Development Intern, University of Texas at Dallas
internship in China

Connect-123 gave me the opportunity to spend two months doing an internship in China at a wastewater treatment company. As part of my internship, I got to travel across China to different towns and cities seeing all kinds of new traditions, foods, and music.

Environmental Intern, Earlham College
Communications, PR & event management internship in Shanghai, China

I have learned so much about international business, Chinese culture, technology and have discovered that opportunities are everywhere! I have loved living in Shanghai as it is completely different to my home which is completely in the country on the edge of New Zealand!

Event Management Intern, Ara Institute of Canterbury
software engineering internship in Dublin

I was thrilled with my software engineering internship in Dublin. The work environment was relaxed and the people were welcoming and friendly. I worked in software engineering and in marketing. I learned many valuable programming skills and developed my professional communication and networking skills.

Software Engineering Intern, University of Texas at Dallas
Carolina Lubinus Human Rights Intern Barcelona

My internship in Barcelona was absolutely incredible. I spent two months working for a small Human Rights NGO, where I was assigned to a project that allowed me to improve my research, analytical skills, and Spanish literacy skills. I managed to make so many new friends and have such amazing experiences in Barcelona!

Human Rights Intern, Georgetown University
Child Life Practicum in Cape Town, South Africa

Doing my Child Life Practicum in Cape Town, South Africa, is something I will treasure forever. Not only did the Child Life Practicum give me valuable experience in a different healthcare setting, but also cultural experiences I would not have had in the USA. Coming home I feel like a better professional.

Child Life Program , University of Missouri
Digital marketing Internship

My Digital Marketing Internship abroad in Argentina offered practical and tangible career skills that I will utilize in the future. I’m incredibly grateful to Connect-123 for connecting me with truly fantastic people from all over the world! Inquire today about our internships abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Digital Marketing Internship, Drexel University
Isaiah Savagueau, Environmental Research Internship in Dublin

At my environmental research internship in Dublin, I contributed to a project that reduces agricultural wastes. I was even able to tour a site that converts wastes to energy. This experience helped me to grow into a more confident and independent person and exposed me to new people, ideas, and ways of life.

Environmental research intern, Drexel University
Architecture internship in Barcelona

If I had to describe my architecture internship in Barcelona with one word, it would be 'unbelievable'. I am so glad I chose Connect-123; they were extremely helpful with assisting me in finding housing in the heart of Barcelona, as well as introducing me other students on the program.

Architecture intern, University of Huddersfield
Sabrina Sangha, Internship in Shanghai

My time in Shanghai has been life-changing. I could see myself pursuing a career in China and traveling a lot more. Connect-123 gets the right balance between helping and supporting you through your experience but also giving you the independence to explore at your own pace.

Intern, King's College London
Psychology Internship in Barcelona

I interned at a psychology center, working on a variety of projects from management, to creative, to clinical, and even getting to sit in on patient visits. I cannot express how much I learned and how grateful I am for the experience. I truly could not have found a better or even equivalent opportunity in the US.

Psychology Intern, Harvard University
Internship in Dublin

My trip to Dublin was hands-down the best experience of my academic career. I worked as a user experience designer at a company that develops travel apps. My company fully accepted me as an equal member of their team, and I met many amazing people who acted both as mentors and friends.

User Experience Designer Intern, University of Texas at Dallas
Cisem Odabasi, Environment and Sustainability Internship, Dublin

This was the best decision I ever made! My environment and sustainability internship in Dublin through Connect-123 was fantastic. My work environment was lovely, everyone was so nice. Irish people are friendly, which I think is important when you are far away from home. There are so many outdoor activities to enjoy!

Environment and Sustainability intern, Kadir Has University
Rae Filley, Medical and Helathcare internship, Dublin

Connect-123 gave me the opportunity to do research for my medical and healthcare internship in Dublin. I learned so much and met some amazing people at the research lab where I worked. I have been able to apply the new skills and knowledge that I gained to my studies. I can’t recommend Connect-123 enough!

Medical and Healthcare intern, Northeastern University
Amaruc Gessen Engineering and Industrial Design internship Buenos Aires

My engineering and industrial design internship was incredible. After the first few weeks, I was actively participating in design and development projects. This really helped me develop my skills as an engineer and learn how to design and manufacture working prototypes to be implemented in the final product.

Engineering and Industrial Design intern, Drexel University

The work was meaningful, and hopefully in the future will have a tangible positive impact in the province. In short, I am so glad that I chose Connect-123, and will be forever grateful for my time in Buenos Aires.

Public Policy internship, Colarado University
Marlowe Jackson Social Work internship Cape Town

I have Connect-123 to thank for helping me make one of my biggest lifelong dreams come true. My social work internship was everything I hoped for and much more. I savored each moment spent at my placement, an NGO for survivors of prostitution and trafficking.

Social Work Intern, Thompson Rivers University
Dublin Internship Review | Entrepreneurial Internship

The Connect-123 internship program helped me along every step of the way and without them I don't think my experience would have been the same. I would highly encourage anyone considering an internship abroad to just go for it, it’s truly a life changing experience.

Entreprenurial internship, California Polytechnic State University
Shanghai Internship Review | Financial Internships

I had an incredible internship experience with Connect-123 in Shanghai. As a finance major student, I was able to leverage the platform Connect-123 provided to work in an elite boutique investment bank.

Finance Intern , Georgetown University
Cape Town Internship Review | Healthcare Internship

For 2 months, I had the wonderful experience of working in a day hospital in Cape Town.I’m very grateful to all the clinical staff at the hospital and also the Connect organisers for being so warm and checking in with us regularly.

Medical Intern , King's College London
Cape Town Internship Review | Medical Internship

Interning at an orthopedic hospital in Cape Town was one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences of my life so far. Being able to live and volunteer in a city as beautiful and diverse as Cape Town will be an experience that I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Nursing Intern , Northeastern University
Cape Town Internship Review | Child Life Internship

Without Connect-123, I would not have been given the once in a lifetime opportunity of completing my Child Life practicum abroad. Connect-123 allowed me to gain experience in a government-run hospital and even provided an incredible service opportunity in a township community.

Child Life Program , University of Georgia
Shanghai Internship Review | Business Internship

Connect-123 provided me with the chance to travel abroad and live in a large city, both of which were firsts for me. To this I am forever grateful because they allowed me to experience a whole new culture and lifestyle that I believe has made me a better person.

Business Intern , Rhodes College
Barcelona Internship Review | Media Internship

I really loved the three months I spent working as an intern at a film and media production studio in Barcelona. As for the guys at Connect-123, I couldn’t have asked for better service from them. They provided me with all the support I could have needed.

Film and Media Production Intern, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Buenos Aires Internship Review | Environmental Internship

I found my experience with Connect-123 to be really impressive. Not only was I placed with a meaningful organization that provided me with a genuine learning experience, I felt that my program coordinator really cared that I got the most out of that experience.

Environment and Sustainability Intern, University of Hawaii
Cape Town Internship Review | Human Rights Internship

My three months in Cape Town were the best of my life thus far. As a transfer student taking a gap year, I wanted a rewarding internship experience overseas where I would not only learn a lot about the culture of the country I was living in, but also about myself.

Human Rights Intern , Dickinson College
Cape Town Internship Review | Communications Internship

I decided to intern abroad in Cape Town, South Africa for my last semester as an undergraduate, and I can honestly say it was a decision that has forever changed my life, in the best way possible. I came to South Africa with high hopes and my experience has far surpassed them!

Communications Intern, Michigan State University
Barcelona Internship Review | Healthcare Internship

Connect-123 was able to find me multiple, really nice internships. I actually had options to choose from! I ended up working in a neuroimmunology research laboratory. I felt at home there and was able to confirm my aspirations of working as a biologist.

Medical Research Intern, Arcadia University
Cape Town Internship Review | Public Health Internship

Connect-123 went above and beyond to get me this internship. If you're looking for a great way to live abroad, gain unmatched work experience, and have the time of your life, this program is for you!

Public Health Intern, CUNY - Center on Philanthropy & Civil Society
Dublin Internship Review | Medical Internship

Completing a Connect-123 internship was one of the best decisions I’ve made, not only for my career but for my growth as a person. I gained so much from working in a hospital, it helped build my resume, and it helped me figure out more of what I want out of my future job.

Health Care Intern, University of Arizona
Cape Town Internship Review | Environmental Internship

This opportunity gave me the drive I had been searching for to reach for my dreams. I discovered where my passion lies. I figured out who I am as a person. I spent three months working for an NGO against illegal wildlife trade based in Cape Town.

Environmental Law Intern, Michigan State University
Cape Town Internship Review | Communications Internship

I was fortunate enough to be given rewarding work, and I was given great exposure into my field of interest. Connect-123 offers you the chance to both find work that is beneficial and travel with the comfort of knowing you won’t be alone in a new place.

Communications Intern, Rhodes College
Dublin Internship Review | Medical Internship

Dublin Internship Review: The internship itself was amazing; I had the opportunity to increase my confidence in my communication skills and to learn more about the different methods in which to interact with children and stimulate their emotional growth. In addition, simply living in Dublin was a wonderful experience.

Play Therapy Intern, University of California at Berkeley
Kin Yi Tsui

Before going to Buenos Aires, I had two main goals: to do well at my placement and improve my Spanish. After 3.5 months in Buenos Aires, I was able to accomplish those two goals and a whole lot more. Connect-123 provides you with all the information and help for your internship and your life abroad. You have everything you need at hand and it's surely up to you to make your time abroad unforgettable!

Health care Intern, Northeastern University
Kristen Nuttall

The staff at Connect-123 was very helpful anytime that I needed them! I would not trade this experience in Cape Town for anything. I am grateful beyond words for the most amazing five months that I have ever had.

Health Care Intern, Northeastern University

My summer in Barcelona has no doubt been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I gained a ton of valuable work experience, which has helped me to figure out the kind of career I want to pursue in the near future. Connect-123 did a great job pairing me up with an internship that fit my interests and were very proactive in giving me housing options.

Marketing Intern, University of Southern California
United States
North America