Internship Programs

Gain real world experience, make your resume stand out from the pack and learn about a foreign culture with an international internship! Imagine discussing your experiences from a business internship in Cape Town or Shanghai during an interview. Or adding a human rights or medical internship in Buenos Aires to your CV. Employers are increasingly looking for international experience and our internship programs are designed to give you an edge in your future job search, whether youíre a student, a recent grad or an experienced professional.

Connect-123 has a variety of international internship opportunities in Barcelona, Spain, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cape Town, South Africa, Dublin, Ireland, and Shanghai, China and our on-the-ground team in each location will work with you to find an internship that uniquely fits your goals.

Take a look at Connect-123ís international internship programs to give your work experience that special something that helps set you apart from the rest!