So what really happens in the city where East meets West? Get to grips with this question through your internship or volunteer position and leave Shanghai with greater insight into its unique culture and a new perspective on your own!

Shanghai, China

Shanghai interns and international volunteers will gain invaluable, lifelong cultural experiences through the many different sides of Shanghai—either through the business, culinary, or nightlife scenes. Not to mention the practical, real world knowledge and skills gained from Connect-123’s international internships and volunteer programs.

Fast Facts

The Bund, Shanghai China

Population: 20 million (largest city in China)

Climate: Mediterranean

Languages: Shanghainese, Mandarin

Religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam. 

Country Capital: Beijing

Time Zone: GMT +B

Currency: Renminbi (RMB) – also known as yuan or kuai

Fun Facts: The following unusual dishes can be sampled in Shanghai - live drunken shrimp, scorpions, congealed lamb blood and bull penis.

History & Culture

Shanghai history and culture

Founded as a center of trade during the Qing dynasty, Shanghai has since become China’s most populous city and a major financial center. Areas of British, French, and American settlements could be found in the city up until the second world war and this influence is still seen in the architecture – contrasting with the most modern of skyscrapers! Shanghai is well known for its flashy, diversified and high-energy night life, and for its fascinating culinary scene, featuring street snacks, Malatang (create your own soup) shops and modern Chinese style fare. Further afield the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Potala Palace in Tibet and of course the Great Wall in Beijing await!

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