Environment and Sustainability Internships in Shanghai

As a city that has experienced exponential population growth, Shanghai now has to contend with the environmental challenges this can bring. These challenges include water pollution and potential water shortages in the future. Nonprofits focusing on ways to respond to these environmental challenges have opportunities for environment and sustainability interns to help conceptualize and indeed run their campaigns – around issues as diverse as tree planting, environmental education in schools and campaigns to reduce the use of plastic bags.

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Libby Fox

Environmental & Sustainability Intern | Shanghai
Earlham College

There was so much to do, and it was easy to get by without being fluent in Mandarin. I had a wonderful time and highly recommend finding internships through Connect-123!

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Iris Arborgast

Environmental Intern | Shanghai
Carleton College

My internship taught me a lot about NGO work, the environmental movement in China and how to work in a professional environment. Overall, a great experience!

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Kate Price

Environment/ Sustainability Intern | Shanghai
University College London

I have really enjoyed myself here in Shanghai. I was expecting to like it and instead I have loved it. I have met some wonderful people at both my accommodation and at work. The nightlife is incredible, never experienced anything like it. The city it...

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Angele Kunzi

Environment Internship | internships in shanghai
University of Geneva

Enrolling in the Connect-123 internship program was probably one of the best decisions I took lately, in both professional and personal aspects of the experience. I am completely satisfied with all that the Connect-123 team provided me with through a...

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Tommi Tiidus

Environment/Sustainability Intern | Shanghai
University of Waterloo

I had a great time in Shanghai thanks to connect 1-2-3, I really enjoyed the job, it was exactly within my field of study and I got to meet lots of people from around the world. I really enjoyed my placement within my organization, and I actually fel...

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