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Interview with Entrepreneur and Buenos Aires Former Intern, Will Liney!

03 April 2016

Former C123 Intern Will Liney has been busy since he got back to his home country.  In addition to attending univeristy, he co-founded an app for learners of a foreign language (that you'll definitely want to download!)

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10 Videos That Will Make you Want to Drop Everything and Head to Ireland!

13 March 2016

Turn up your speakers and check out our top 10 Ireland videos - guaranteed to get you in the Paddys Day mood! 

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Learning to Live in the Moment In Buenos Aires

02 March 2016

"It's like a secret code, and I'm in on the secret..."  Read more reflections from Intern Blogger Sarah Crockett about her time in Argentina.

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Top 10 Life Skills You Get From Interning Abroad

17 February 2016

Of all the many reasons to intern abroad, some of the most powerful might just be the effects the experience has on you as a person. Read on to hear the top ten life skills you get from interning abroad.

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Ireland vs. South Africa: Interview with Carla

25 January 2016

Our very own Carla Steencamp recently left the Cape Town office to spend some time with the Connect team in Dublin. If you're not sure which destination is right for you, read on to hear her thoughts on the ways they're similar, as well as how they differ.

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