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Returning Home From Interning Abroad… What’s Next?

03 August 2015

As you return home after your international volunteer or intern opportunity, you may have a tough time getting back to the swing of things, expressing this emotional rollercoaster to family and friends, or even summarizing your experiences in a meaningful way. But don’t despair! Here are a few tips on how to make this transition a smooth one...

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Get a Life!

20 May 2015

Is there a secret to “getting a life?” A LIFE beyond the ordinary? Here are a few insights from an executive career coach, working with various succesful individuals and teams, on living a more fulfilling life.




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Creative ways to stay connected while you travel

22 April 2015

A few unique tips to stay connected with loved ones while you are embracing all that is foreign and wonderful during your travels. 

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Top 10 Songs For Your South African Trip

24 March 2015

Listen to our top 10 South African songs that will surely elevate your trip to Cape Town to the next level.

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Going Green on St Paddy’s

17 March 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! As people gear up in their shamrocks and leprechaun attire to paint their cities green with various shenanigans, you too can make a very green statement and also a difference right where you are. 

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