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How to Pack for Interning Abroad

You’ve made the decision to build your resume, advance your education and real world experience, and focus on language learning and intercultural experiences. You’ve searched for, applied to, and selected an internship. Your housing is arranged and you bought your plane tickets. You are prepared. Except, a few days before you leave, you start packing […]

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Apply today for the Cape Town Innovation Experienceship and future-proof your career

There’s no doubt about it – the future of the job market is changing. We’re seeing new job titles that didn’t exist a year ago; more employees are required to bridge multiple disciplines in their day-to-day work, and essential skills that were in demand in the past are being surpassed by the desperate need for […]

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Intern Abroad in Cape Town this Summer with King’s College and Connect-123

Are you a King’s College student looking to distinguish yourself in the global graduate market? Have you considered the impact an internship abroad could have on your career development? If the answer to both these questions is yes, we’ve got some good news. Connect-123 and the King’s College Global Internships Programme 360 Support stream offer […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Intern Abroad in Dublin This Summer

If you’re looking to complete a professional internship abroad or international volunteer program in a top-notch destination, then look no further. Connect-123 offers experiential learning opportunities in business, technology, healthcare and more in Dublin, Ireland, a dream destination. When in Dublin, expect to fall in love with this capital city and its charming residents. 1. The […]

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Where Are They Now: Cape Town alum Max Fish shares her international work and travel experiences

In just over a year since her cardiothoracic internship in Cape Town, Maxine Fish has travelled various parts of the world, finished her graduate degree, and is back living abroad for work!  Where in the world are you currently located? I am currently employed by a British Consulting agency called Renoir Consulting, and am based out […]

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Where Are They Now: How interning at a refugee center in Cape Town prepares you for a service-centered career

This week, we are catching up Sarah Lucey. Sarah interned at a refugee center in Cape Town in 2012. Since then, she has been quite busy graduating from Northeastern University, doing important human rights and social justice work at nonprofit organizations, and even getting married! Where in the world are you currently located? Boston, Massachusetts, […]

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What We’re Up To: Giving thanks and service in our communities

This time of year, starting with the American holiday of Thanksgiving, we are reminded to express gratitude for all we have. We also become acutely aware of those less fortune than ourselves. At Connect-123, our team members and internship participants practice giving back all year long. Here is some of what we’ve been up to […]

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Where Are They Now: Buenos Aires Intern to Veterinary Student

Connect-123 alumni are an impressive bunch and we love staying in touch and following our alumni along their academic, personal and professional journeys. Today we are catching up with Levi Smith, who was an animal science intern in Buenos Aires in 2015. Where in the world are you currently located? I’m currently in West Lafayette, […]

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How To Stay Safe While Interning Abroad

Interning, volunteering, and studying abroad comes with opportunities for personal, professional, and academic growth all while experiencing new cultures, languages, and having the time of your life. Traveling to a new country and settling down there (even if it’s just for a few months) is a thrilling experience. But it is also one that must […]

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