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Since 2006, Connect-123 has helped thousands of students find career-related, international internships at top companies.


We’re now offering this program virtually, where you’ll gain remote working skills valued by employers, learn new technologies and practice how to communicate across global teams.

Why Connect-123?

Customized Around You

Real work experience with vetted global companies, related to your career goals

Professional Coaching

To help you succeed during the internship as well as impress at future job interviews

Career Readiness Training

Focused on your strengths and how to use them for personal and career success

Virtual Internship Program Benefits

How it Works

1. Get in touch

Contact us and we’ll schedule a free consultation session to discuss your interests and goals. We can answer any questions about potential placements and, together, define your ideal internship. Then, complete our application form, providing additional information about your background and preferences.

2. Prepare

If your application is accepted, we guarantee placement and we’ll work together to find the ideal role for you. The placement process typically takes 2 to 6 weeks, and during this time, we’ll help you revise your resumé as well as prepare for internship interviews.

3. Start

After attending our online orientation, where we provide tips about remote work and local culture and where you can meet other participants, it’s time to get started! We’ll be there every step of the way, via feedback meetings and coaching sessions, to ensure that you receive maximum value both during the internship and for your future career.


What are the durations and hours?

Durations are flexible, however to make the most of the experience, we suggest a minimum of 6 weeks, 20 to 30 hours per week. Longer durations and additional / fewer hours are also possible.

Where are your partner companies located?

For on-site internships, over the years, we’ve placed thousands of students in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dublin, Shanghai, and Sydney. For remote internships, while we focus on those cities, we have contacts worldwide. If you have a preferred destination, including internships in the United States, please let us know.

What industries are possible?

Internship projects are available across a wide range of fields including advertising, business, communications, design, education, engineering, finance, health care, human rights, journalism, marketing, social work, sustainable development and many more! Since we find custom internships, specifically related to your interests, let us know your goals and we’ll suggest best-fit options.

Can I receive academic credit?

Yes, please discuss with us and we’re happy to liaise with your university. We also offer supplemental courses, related to cultural competence and effective communication, to fit university requirements and curriculum.

What is the cost?

Our comprehensive $1,550 program fee includes pre-internship advice and preparation, customized placement, on-going mentorship and professional coaching, seminars related to communication, productivity and job searching skills, and post-internship career guidance.

Working as an intern in marketing not only confirmed my classroom knowledge, but also helped me to develop new skills related to my field. The Connect-123 program will challenge you, connect you and propel your professional career forward. They give you the tools necessary to succeed, so get ready!

Marketing Intern, Ball State University

Through the program I gained a lot of valuable experience that I could put towards my classes and my career. In addition to that, I made many incredible contacts that are open to me working with them in the future. This program not only provides students the internship experience they need on their resume, but also a better understanding of global business and culture.

Animation Intern, University of Southern California

My internship helped me to grow my knowledge of the inner workings of small non-profits. Connect-123 did an amazing job connecting and facilitating my internship. They are so accommodating and professional. I highly suggest Connect-123 to anyone looking for a global experience!

Human Rights Intern, Washington and Lee University

My internship allowed me to think outside of the box. I learned so much about international business by using software and tools that are not necessarily being used in school. Overall, this program allowed me to build a strong network both personally and professionally with people from all around the world.

Business Intern, University of Colorado at Boulder

The people at Connect-123 were very responsive during the whole process of applying and finding me an internship. They couldn’t have picked a better placement for me! My internship gave me real-life experience that will help me in future jobs and just in life in general.

Human Rights Intern, St Joseph's College

Connect-123 crafted an experience that I will never forget. The newspaper that I interned at provided me with the skills and knowledge to move forward in my career with confidence.

Journalism Intern, Carleton College

I couldn’t have been more thrilled with my software engineering internship and I know my work will be useful to the company long after I’m gone. I learned many valuable programming skills along the way and further developed my professional communication and networking skills.

Software Engineering Intern, University of Texas at Dallas

Connect-123 matched me with an internship that suited my interests and skill sets. I worked at a nonprofit organization in Dublin that specializes in supporting agriculture and enterprise development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. I certainly made professional connections that will help me in my career.

Public Policy intern , Drexel University

Right from the start of my internship, I developed practical and tangible career skills that I will be able to utilize in the future. From designing logos, to coding in CSS, my digital marketing internship allowed me to explore various areas of marketing, helping me determine what I enjoyed most.

Digital Marketing Internship, Drexel University

Thanks to my internship facilitated by Connect-123, I acquired exceptional communication skills and developed a deep understanding of different cultures. I gained new technical skills and underwent immense personal and professional growth.

Medical and Public Health Intern, Michigan State University

My internship allowed me to learn about environmental issues and education in Argentina while developing professional skills like writing and doing research. Going into this experience I hadn’t spoken Spanish in years, but my supervisor and other staff were so kind, generous and patient that I was able to feel at ease practicing.

Communications Intern, Carleton University

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