Amy Barlow

Communications Intern | Dublin
Marshall University
18 April 2016

Wow! I cannot believe how fast the 2 months went. I didn’t know what to expect when I left America to fly to Ireland. I had heard great things about the people and how friendly they are. I did have some concerns traveling to Ireland but those fears vanished when I got to Dublin. I started out in a group house close to the city center but soon realized that I should be closer to my job. So I moved into a house about 20 minutes away from my internship. It was perfect.

At my internship, I soon realized the magnitude of the job and all of the work that had to be done. Luckily, my co-worker and my boss were very understanding and patient in helping me navigate my way through the job.

I can’t thank Connect 123 enough for this adventure that I embarked on. All of the staff of Connect 123 really made it an easy transition from America to Ireland. Our Connect 123 contact also had outings for all of the students in the program to meet and get to know each other. My favorite outing would have to be the Bunsen Burgers night (even though I was late). The burgers were delicious and I met girls from all around the world.

I am sad now to leave this wonderful city of Dublin, but have a yearning to come back to Dublin and continue where I left off. I have had many adventures in this city from getting lost trying to get to O’Connell Bridge to trying to figure out the bus system. Even though, I was not here for very long all of my ventures will be with me when I return to Washington, DC, to start my next adventure….a job. I will never forget Ireland and will be back to visit soon!

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Leslie Reitz

Public Relations Intern | Dublin
SUNY at Oneonta
13 July 2018

I knew that I wanted to intern abroad, but I was unsure of what organization to go with. I heard about Connect-123 from a friend. I submitted my application very early and was thrilled with the public relations internship in Dublin placement I got. Connect-123 really listened to what I wanted in an internship. Plus, I was beyond impressed with everything Connect-123 offers for the amazing program price. As for...

Jillian Rhinehart

Communications Intern | Dublin
University of Colorado at Boulder
13 July 2018

My communications internship in Dublin perfectly combined the array of interests that I wanted to cover, including human rights, writing, and strategic communications. I interned at a small non-profit organization that aims to educate students on global issues and how to make a positive change in the world. I received the best balance of independence and support, from both my host organization and Connect-123. The city of Dublin is absolutely amazing,...

Kristen Dougherty

Communications internship | Dublin
Grand Valley State University
6 April 2018

I am so happy that I chose Connect-123. My summer in Dublin was better than I could have imagined. I went into the program knowing no one, but the other people in the program that I met have become close friends and we still see each other now and then. Nikki was the Connect-123 coordinator with us in Ireland, and she was fantastic. She was always available to help and...

Craig Marshall

Music and Publishing Intern | Dublin
SUNY at Oneonta
7 December 2016

If you're looking to go abroad as well as gain experience in your field of studies, then Connect-123 is the program for you! I went to Dublin, Ireland in the fall of 2016 and my time spent there will be cherished for the rest of my life. The staff is extremely helpful in finding an internship to fit your interests. In the time I was there, I interned for both...

Morgan Greenberg

Public Relations Intern | Dublin
Grand Valley State University
20 July 2016

Making the big decision to come to Dublin for the summer was very scary. I didn't know if I would enjoy my internship, meet any friends, or even like the city! Gladly, right after arriving all of my worries were put to rest. Through my time in Dublin, I grew professionally through my internship and was able to feel a sense of independence I never had before. From the start, Connect-123...
United States
North America

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