Andres Rodriguez

Entrepreneurship, Management and Operations Intern | Barcelona
California State University San Marcos
9 July 2014

Working with Connect-123 was as easy as 1, 2, 3, pun intended! Lea, our program director, was a great point of contact from the day we e-mailed her regarding information about Connect-123, processing our résumés to making sure we were set up properly in Barcelona. Lea walked us through the process of finding an internship that was fitted to our interests and skills with the least amount of burden on our side. Upon landing in Barcelona we met with Lea, where she gave us valuable lessons in the lifestyle and culture of Barcelona. On top of that Lea set up amazing outings that allowed us to see, feel, and even taste the culture of Cataluña!

Working for a start-up has truly been an awakening experience. As an aspiring entrepreneur it has been a blessing to work under the leadership of the founder, whose ambition and determination to make his company a success is definitely contagious. What this start-up lacks in size and resources, it makes up in ingenuity and innovation.

Overall my experience with Connect-123 has been pleasurable. Time has flown by without an incident, but it’s nice to know that Connect-123 has your back.

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Trevor Larson

Entrepreneurship Intern | Barcelona
University of Southern California
25 June 2012

Having the opportunity to live and work in Barcelona during the summer of 2012 has provided me with indispensible life skills as well as many lasting connections with people from all over the world. Connect-123 found me an internship almost immediately after signing up. I was very surprised seeing that my request to work with entrepreneurs in an Internet tech-based firm was very obscure. However, Connect-123 worked diligently finding me...
United States
North America

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