Casey Copp

Sports Management Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
4 August 2017

Three months ago I got on the plane shaking. I had never left the United States before and I had never never left home for so far and for as long as I was about to do. I had never lived in a big city. I had never left my comfort zone. Much of my family preferred that I go to Europe than South America. Indeed, I was shaking as I got on the plane. Three months later now I am a changed person. Buenos Aires is an incredible city with never-ending options of things to do and it’s impossible to get bored. I’ve had more fun here the past three months that I had in my first 3 years of college! The best aspect of the city is the people. Everyone I’ve met, from strangers that pass by on the streets, to the worker in an ice cream store next to my apartment, to other students from a local university, and obviously my host family who are always so friendly, caring, and accommodating. Connect-123 provided me with a perfect internship that mixed my career aspirations working in non-profits as well as my passion soccer, which is also the passion of the entire Argentine nation! Although I’ve studied Spanish for 7 or 8 years, I felt like my language knowledge had plateaued but now not only has my Spanish improved drastically but I will return to my university confusing all my professors as I speak to them like a Porteño. I’m so sad to leave and I will most definitely return many times in my life. For the impact it has made on my personal growth, Buenos Aires, Argentina will forever have a special place in my heart.

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