Cheltsea Marte

Finance Intern | Virtual / Remote
Pennsylvania State University
23 July 2020
With a pandemic on the rise, I lost all hope of finding an internship that fits with what I want to do after college. During this time, I received the news of everything being canceled. Soon after, I found Connect-123, this was a great opportunity. When starting the program, I was afraid that I wasn’t going to have the best communication with my team and the work was going to be very challenging. Soon after the orientation with Connect-123, I felt comfortable and learned so many new skills related to different cultures, communication, and positive thinking. Soon after, I met my supervisors from my internship who made me feel like I’ve been apart of the team with their charisma and welcoming discussions. Throughout the whole internship, I was never lost and was always guided onto the right path.
I’m so glad that I found Connect-123, the experience was better than I could have expected. They helped find the perfect internship and made me feel appreciated for the work I did to help the organization. Definitely recommend others to join, if you can’t travel!
United States
North America

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