Cody Larimore-Siu

Entreprenurial internship | Dublin
California Polytechnic State University
29 January 2018
As part of the program I am in at my university, students are encouraged to spend at least one quarter studying or working abroad to further prepare us for the global marketplace and provide us with intercultural communication skills. I decided to do the latter, but I had no idea where to start my search for an internship abroad. After looking around at companies that offered internship placements abroad, I settled on Connect-123 because of the countless positive reviews I had read. And I was not disappointed. The Connect-123 internship program helped me along every step of the way and without them I don’t think my experience would have been the same. They helped me find both my internship and housing in Dublin, they made sure I had all the correct travel documents and that someone picked me up from the airport. Additionally the program director for Dublin was so welcoming and friendly, she was constantly organizing events and checking in with us to make sure that everything was okay. My actual internship was as a whole a very rewarding and educational experience, I feel like my professional skills have benefited greatly. The people at Connect-123 did an excellent job of placing me. In general, I would highly encourage anyone considering an internship abroad to just go for it, it’s truly a life changing experience.
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