Diane Zhang

Law Intern | Cape Town
Georgetown University, Graduate
24 August 2010

After deciding to take a year off before work after I completed law school in May of 2009, I decided to look at legal internship opportunities in Cape Town, South Africa. Connect-123 found an internship for me where I could use my legal writing and research skills—as well as work in an area of law in which I have much interest but rare opportunities to work with in my future career.  For six months, I worked at the Cape Town office of a human rights commission. The commission was created by the Constitution of South Africa and established to entrench constitutional democracy through the promotion and protection of human rights in the nation.

During my time there, I was involved in both parliamentary and monitoring projects. I had the opportunity to attend many meetings of Parliament, in which bills addressing issues from personal privacy to domestic violence were debated. The commission works closely with government in commenting and advising on various human rights issues present in new legislation, and being able to be involved in these new bills were highly rewarding.

On the monitoring side, I was involved in monitoring a temporary safety site for approximately 2,000 Zimbabwean nationals that have been forcibly displaced in the rural town of De Doorns as a result of xenophobic violence. I worked on a report detailing conditions at the camp and making various recommendations concerning site facilities, safety, and security.

Connect-123 enabled me to pursue my interest in constitutional law in the context of a foreign country’s history and culture. To do this in South Africa was particularly exciting, as it is a country that has made great transformations over the past few decades. To be able to witness the country’s preparations for an international celebration as it hosted the World Cup in 2010—while being involved in human rights laws seeking to redress its legacy of apartheid—was extremely rewarding.

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Jesse DePauw

Law Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
5 April 2013

There is truly no way to do justice to the eye-opening nature of my trip to Cape Town. I knew that it would be a great experience, but I had no idea how much the city would infect me with its allure and make me regret that impending flight home! Everyone at Connect-123 was more than accommodating. They were there every step of the way, which proved vital to my...

Martin Iroche

Law Intern | Cape Town
University of Manchester, UK
25 September 2012

Doing an internship this summer in Cape Town was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  More specifically, doing this internship through Connect-123 was the perfect way for me to experience all that Cape Town has offer and at the same time complete an internship that will hold me in good stead for the future. The Connect-123 staff was always very helpful and were ready to offer advice...

Kevin Murphy

Law Intern | Cape Town
University of Denver
2 May 2011

My internship in Cape Town, South Africa last summer, the Summer of 2010 was an extraordinary experience.  The social interactions and cultural observation were invaluable.  Not only was the cultural transformation occurring from the World Cup occurring, but I was able to participate in some very socially valuable activities. My day-to-day activities in South Africa consisted of going to the University of Cape Town Law School.  Specifically, I worked under...

Caitlin Friel

Law Intern | Cape Town
Law Society of Ireland
17 November 2010

I had just qualified as a solicitor in Ireland and I decided to take a few months off and go travelling. I had always wanted to volunteer abroad and through a friend at home I made contact with Connect-123. From the start Connect-123 was extremely helpful. They found a position for me with an organisation founded to deal with the high levels of sexual harassment in South Africa’s rural farming...

Katie Jhanke

Law Intern | Cape Town
Chicago-Kent College of Law, Graduate
23 August 2010

My experience with Connect-123 was wonderful.  I would recommend interning in Cape Town and the program to any law student (or other student).  Planning my summer abroad, the staff at Connect-123 was fabulous.  With the tough legal market, I knew I needed a placement that would provide me with substantive and practical legal research and writing experience.  After conveying that sentiment to my assigned Connect-123 team member, she sought out...

Kelly Paradis

Law Internship | Cape Town
George Washington University
31 July 2007

Connect-123 is the most organized and efficient program that I have ever been a part of. They put a great amount of time and thought into every detail, helping you instantly feel at home. The program’s small numbers and planned group outings create an intimate, fun environment and opportunity to meet new people. My internship applied to my studies more than I ever anticipated, and I was given tasks and...

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