Gary & Pat Chin

Parents of Architecture Intern | Buenos Aires
West Chester, Pennsylvania
15 November 2013

When our daughter, Tracy, made the decision to travel abroad to South America to work and reside there for three months we were very concerned. She did not have a place to live or any idea of job prospects. As a parent, our first reaction was to try and dissuade her from going.

After she found Connect-123 online purely by chance, everything fell into place. Paula Carrettoni of Connect-123 was instrumental in finding her an internship in her field and securing a safe place for her to live. She made sure that all the legalities were taken care of prior to her entering the country. Details such as the reciprocity fee and other matters that she would not have been aware of if Paula was not on top of these important details. It was at this point that we began to relax and could embrace and support her decision to make the trip.

We had the opportunity to join Tracy during her stay in Buenos Aires and witnessed first hand the major role Connect-123 played in the success of her trip to South America. We had the pleasure of meeting Paula and being able to thank her in person for being there 24/7 for our daughter.

Connect 123 went above and beyond on many levels and we would highly recommend them to any parent whose child has the desire to travel abroad. Thank you so much Paula and the Connect 123 team!


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Ella Thorpe-Beeston

Classical Music Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Oxford
1 September 2014

Connect-123 could not have made it more easy to get acclimatised to life in Buenos Aires. The city is one of the most vibrant and diverse that I’ve ever been to. It’s never short of anything to do and there are countless bars and restaurants. I had plenty of time to explore the BA as well as travel outside of the capital to places including Mendoza and Colonia del Sacramento...
United States
North America

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