James Orth

Teaching Volunteer | Shanghai
Franklin & Marshall College
24 July 2013

As I stepped out of the van sent to pick me up from the Pu Dong airport and onto the streets of Shanghai for the first time, I was overwhelmed. It was so different from America in nearly every aspect! The people, the size, the noise, the commotion. Frankly, I wondered how I would ever survive here, in this vastly foreign city.

But with the safety-net of a tight-knit group of Connect-123 interns behind me, along with the support of my gregarious host organization I’ve come to love this city and feel a deep sense of nostalgia now that I’m leaving.

From the difficult, yet rewarding work I did teaching English language to migrant Chinese children during the week, to the interesting and fun atmosphere created by Connect-123 during their weekend events, I couldn’t have asked for a more balanced experience.

Although at first I was nervous, I really am thankful for connect-123 for giving me this opportunity. I not only feel that I’ve really grown as a person, but that I have accomplished something of substance here in this city, as well.

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Nikau Irvine

Education Volunteer | Shanghai
University of Southern Queensland, Australia
31 May 2014

During my time with Connect-123 I volunteered in a NGO in Shanghai. Connect-123 were wonderful to work with. Throughout the whole process they were always willing to help me. Both Lea and Jimmy were always quick to respond to any questions I had when I got to Shanghai. Overall working with Connect-123 was a very pleasant experience. Highly recommended for anybody who wants a reliable and trustworthy contact in Shanghai!
United States
North America

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