Josh Kohler

Finance Intern | Barcelona
Drexel University
29 July 2013

Connect-123 takes the laborious process of finding a job in a foreign country and places it nicely in your lap. That´s why I decided to use the program not once, but twice. From the airport pickup to the great response time regarding any location-specific questions, Connect-123 offers a seamless transition into other cultures. I was paired with a research-based banking job and worked with great people in Barcelona. The work experience I gained was unique and enlightening and will be a highlight on my resume. My weekends were paired with constant adventures. I checked off all of the “must-see” sites early on and found it easy to integrate into the culture of tapas, clubs, beaches, heat, public transportation and a severely enjoyable lack of sleep. My apartment had an entertainingly high turnover rate of foreigners, which further contributed to my successful experience. Overall, I would recommend Connect-123 and may have to plan a third adventure (Buenos Aires) with them in the near future.

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Christine Cifelli

Finance Intern | Barcelona
James Madison University, Graduate
19 November 2012

Connect-123 has provided me with a unique and valuable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.  After researching several international internship programs, I felt that Connect-123 was the only program with a specific one-on-one placement process, which provided me with a position based on my individual preferences and background.   I was able to find exactly what I wanted, for that reason I really enjoyed going to...
United States
North America

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