Julia Harlan

Engineering Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of Colorado Boulder
28 August 2020

I am a senior at University of Colorado Boulder! This summer I worked with Connect-123 and they helped me find a virtual internship in Dublin, Ireland. I had planned to go abroad to Cape Town, but due to the pandemic, I had to make other plans and rather quickly. Connect-123 was able to take my skills and experience and connect me with an environmental engineering project that I worked on for 8 weeks this summer. Over the course of my internship, I did data analysis of crops, forestry, and manure, research on biomass conversion technologies, and technical writing to sum up the research. One of the most challenging aspects of my virtual internship was the time difference. We only had 3-4 hours of overlap in our time zones, so it was very difficult at the beginning to communicate. With tips and advice from the Connect-123 staff, I was able to communicate effectively with my supervisors even though we were in completely different parts of the world. On the other hand, my favorite part of Connect-123 was the community aspect. We had a Whatsapp group-chat with all of the students who got internships through Connect-123 as well as the Connect-123 staff. I found this tool extremely helpful because it was a place where people could share their experiences, ask questions, get career advice, and not feel judged at all. I actually just got a job that is in person at the engineering center at CU. My virtual internship this summer definitely helped me in the process, as it showed that I had virtual experience working with others. Overall, it was a great experience in my internship and with Connect-123, I would definitely recommend others to try this process out as well!
United States
North America

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