Kate Price

Environment/ Sustainability Intern | Shanghai
University College London
12 June 2014

I have really enjoyed myself here in Shanghai. I was expecting to like it and instead I have loved it. I have met some wonderful people at both my accommodation and at work. The nightlife is incredible, never experienced anything like it. The city itself is spectacular, I have always lived in a big city, London, but this place really took my breathe away. Skyscrapers everywhere mixed in with old authentic streets. You can feel absorbed in a Buddhist temple and look ahead and see a huge glass skyscraper. It’s bizarre but really interesting. If the hustle and bustle gets too much, Shanghai has some amazing parks, my two favorites being Century Park and my local Zhongshan Park. You can also take short day trips to more scenic locations such as Hangzhou. Its so well connected that its even possible to take weekend trips to places like Beijing.

There is always so much happening in Shanghai, the city feels so energized and alive, you can’t help but feel it rub off on you. I have never been bored here, the metro is simple and accessible so if you have a metro card there is no reason to be bored. If you are worried about a culture shock, no need, Shanghai is very multicultural, may not be on the same scale as London, but nearly every time I am in a carriage in the metro there will be another ethnic minority in there with me. Chinese people are very used to Europeans here, there are large ex pact communities here, so no-one stares at you, I have very rarely felt uncomfortable here.

My work has been a useful step for me in what I want to do in the future, I am so happy I took the opportunity to come and work here, a completely different experience to being a tourist and something I will never forget. It has really made me want to pursue a career that will provide a lot of opportunities abroad.

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Libby Fox

Environmental & Sustainability Intern | Shanghai
Earlham College
12 March 2020

Being able to do an internship abroad was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced. Connect-123 made everything simple. They found us amazing apartments, a great internship site, and were even able to provide mandarin classes to us. It was also so nice to know that there was a point of contact person living in the city that we could message for advice and meet when we needed...

Iris Arborgast

Environmental Intern | Shanghai
Carleton College
13 July 2018

Connect-123 guided us every step of the way as we applied for Chinese Visas. They helped us get settled into a lovely apartment in Shanghai and organized frequent events for the group of interns in Shanghai. They also assisted us in finding Mandarin classes. Shanghai is a convenient and exciting city - you could get lost in the number of activities there are in the expat community. My internship taught...

Angele Kunzi

Environment Internship | internships in shanghai
University of Geneva
15 April 2013

Enrolling in the Connect-123 internship program was probably one of the best decisions I took lately, in both professional and personal aspects of the experience. I am completely satisfied with all that the Connect-123 team provided me with through all stages of the program. Connect-123 does not only look for an internship, but also assists with all the arrangements related to your stay, which I think is as important as...

Tommi Tiidus

Environment/Sustainability Intern | Shanghai
University of Waterloo
21 March 2013

I had a great time in Shanghai thanks to connect 1-2-3, I really enjoyed the job, it was exactly within my field of study and I got to meet lots of people from around the world. I really enjoyed my placement within my organization, and I actually felt like I was needed and my work was appreciated. It was directly related to my field of study, and I was able...
United States
North America

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