Kourtney Walter

Environment and Sustainability Volunteer | Buenos Aires
Drexel University
22 August 2017

My experience in Argentina was definitely a worthwhile experience. I was able to learn, practice, and enhance my Spanish speaking skills by just everyday life and by attending classes the organization suggested. I learned so much about a culture that was different from mine; I ate styles of food I have never eaten and of course, the culture of mate was a big learning experience. I loved that the country has a huge sharing culture, which explains the large prevalence of mate sharing. I am taking a few mate cups home to share with my family and friends, so they can learn too.

Argentina is an incredibly beautiful country with many places to visit to keep your weekend or days off busy. Just walking around Buenos Aires there is so much to see and do, like going to Recoleta Cemetery, Puerto Madero, San Telmo market, Casa Rosada, and so many more. I was fortunate enough to also take 2-weekend trips; one to Iguazu falls, which was incredible and another to Puerto Madryn to whale watch and swim with sea lions 🙂 My experience exploring Argentina was amazing. I’ve made so many unforgettable friends that I hope to keep in contact with and plan to visit eventually.

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