Lawrence Barchok

Economic Policy Intern
Harvard University
7 December 2010

I think trying to summarize my time in Cape Town in a few paragraphs, would only do some injustice to the incredible, rewarding and memorable experience that I had. But I don’t have any other option. It all started out in January this year when I was trying to figure out what I was going to do over the summer. A career officer at my school led me to Connect 123 website. I was impressed from the start by Connect’s array of internship opportunities, and also the idea of having all-intern activities for the interns to get to know Cape Town. Through Connect, I was able to secure an internship at an NGO that focused on research on socio-economic policies. This was a perfect opportunity for me, considering that I am an economics major, with a strong interest in international development. Coming to South Africa in early June, Connect helped me settle quickly, and in a few days I had started on my internship.

My internship entailed collection and analysis of information on social protection policies in African, Latin America, Asia and East European countries. I was also involved in liaising with research groups and collecting and interpreting data for a model used to estimate the costs of implementing social protection policies in developing nations around the world. In addition to gaining a better understanding on poverty, and how to tackle it, I also did learn some statistical analysis methods and econometrics. I was also privileged to be part of a group that visited the South Africa Parliament (based in Cape Town). I remember having insightful and quite memorable conversations with some MP’s on challenges facing South Africa, including poverty and inequality, and also on what World Cup meant to them as a country.

Connect complemented the internship with frequent outings around Western Cape. From a wine-tasting weekend at Robertson Winery to a day trip to Cape Point, Connect ensured that we had the time of our lives, as well as get to know as much as possible about Cape Town and its environs. Through Connect, I was also able to meet and make friends with wonderful people from different parts of the world.
With my roommates, we got to hike up Table Mt. (over 1000m), visit couple of museums including Robben island, bungee jump, go to a world cup game among other activities. Cape Town is a beautiful cosmopolitan city. One gets to be exposed to a multitude of cultures. With the World Cup going on at that time, the atmosphere was even more exciting.

The experience in Cape Town has had a profound effect on my personal, academic and professional goals. I have now a better understanding of what I want to do in the future. The experience served to consolidate my interest in policymaking, in tackling socio-economic problems like poverty, unemployment etc.

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Danielle Michaels

Dietetics Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
17 August 2017

Spending the past few months interning in Cape Town has been such an amazing and fulfilling experience. My nerves of being so far away from home quickly faded after meeting the Connect-123 staff, they were incredibly helpful and really have a way of making you feel welcome and accounted for. During my time here I worked as an assistant dietitian for a non-profit organization. I learned so much while also...

Clarice Brambilla

Nonprofit Fundraising Intern | Cape Town
King's College London
14 August 2017

My two-month internship in Cape Town was by far one of the most fulfilling, satisfactory and productive time of my life. What I value most about my Connect-123 internship is the fact that I was assigned a task I had no experience in: fundraising. My original goal was to do an internship in which I could help make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children, but I didn’t know exactly what I could do...

Feyi Awofala

Architecture Intern | Cape Town
Rugby School, UK
17 March 2017

My experience in Cape Town from start to finish was amazing. From the first day I was welcomed with such warmth all the Connect-123 staff were so kind and helpful. From organizing great events and activities to being a constant line of support and advice. Yet most importantly my internship was valuable and I really appreciated connect finding me a great internship with a very well respected architect like Andy...

Amirul Aniza

Engineering Intern | Cape Town
National University of Singapore
27 February 2017

It is no doubt that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. I fell in love with the place at first sight and was truly lucky to have been given the opportunity to intern in the city itself! My program coordinator was very efficient in securing an internship position for me, with a leading university, as a research intern. She also assisted in administrative tasks which allowed...

Ray Lau

Architecture Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
15 December 2014

Working in Cape Town has been an unforgettable experience. Not only have I had the opportunity to pursue my passion for architecture but also to be exposed to a new and vibrant culture. This is my first time living in Africa and the past four months living in Cape Town has allowed me to dive deep into the local culture and explore hidden gems that range from drinking the best...

Cat Boland

Child Life Intern
Appalachian State University
14 December 2010

How do you begin to describe an experience that has changed your life forever? To say that my experience in Cape Town was “life changing” doesn’t really even begin to scrape the surface. There are simply no words to describe the beauty of the city of Cape Town or the beauty and love that seeps through every wall of the Red Cross Hospital. I have never in my life worked...

Veronica Salas

Child Life Intern
California State University, Graduate
24 August 2010

I was born in Durango, Mexico and I am a Child Life Specialist with a BA in Child Development and a specialization in Hospitalized Child from California State University, Los Angeles. Making the world a better place; this is something that we may all want to accomplish. As a Child Life student in Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital I had the opportunity to work in the ICU/Burn Rehabilitation unit....
United States
North America

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