Malwina Motyl

Animal Science & Veterinary Intern | Dublin
European School of Luxemburg
11 July 2018

I spent five fantastic weeks working with animals at my internship in Dublin. In the future I want to become a vet, therefore I wanted to spend my summer working with animals and gaining experience in animal behavior and veterinary medicine. Apart from walking dogs and petting cats, I had the opportunity to assist in surgeries and observe the work of a veterinarian during the examination of animals in the veterinary clinic. My host organization has loads of different areas such as the cattery, rehoming kennels, rehabilitation center and veterinary clinics so it’s a perfect place for everyone who loves animals.

Connect-123 found a perfect place for me where I could work and gain experience but also enjoy every week of my summer holidays. The same day when I arrived, I met wonderful people and we had a great time together. I will always remember my first day in Dublin when, with my new friends, we went all together to a parade in town. It was one of the best moments that I experienced during my internship. My coordinators were really helpful during my stay. It was the first time that I left home for such a long time and at the beginning, I was scared that I won’t be able to live on my own in a completely new city. But thanks to Nikki and Rosie I didn’t encounter any problems, but I’m sure that if there was one, they would solve it immediately. I’m really glad that I met them and many other interns who were also really helpful during my internship. It was an unforgettable experience which I will remember forever.

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Emily Frascati

Animal Science intern | Dublin
College of San Mateo
9 August 2018

I completed my summer internship in Dublin at an animal shelter.  I chose to do this internship through Connect-123 because I wanted to have a relaxing summer before I started medical school. This particular internship placement had loads of options ranging from cuddling cats to sitting in on surgeries and observing. I chose to help with the weekly kids' camps because it gave me the opportunity to do a little...

Julian Douglass

Animal Science and Wildlife internship | Dublin
NOVA College
29 January 2018

I am very happy with the time I spent in Dublin, thanks to Connect-123. My internship program coordinator provided amazing levels of support. She organized fun activities for the interns, including a trip to Galway, an escape room visit and several dinners out in Temple Bar. My internship was equally satisfying. The staff in charge were welcoming and my supervisor allowed me to set my own hours. The work was...

Miranda Davis

Animal Science Intern | Dublin
Mississippi State University
2 August 2017

My summer internship with Connect-123 changed my life. As an intern at my host organization, a foundation dedicated to the welfare of animals, I was able to accomplish many feats in my personal level, veterinary knowledge, and wildlife care. I was able to work with several exotic wildlife species like Foxes, Pine Martins, Buzzards, Otters, Jackdaws, and several others. The exposure to handling, feeding, and care procedures helped my zoological...

Ariel Fowler

Veterinary Intern | Dublin
Skidmore College
17 October 2012

Living in Ireland for the summer really helped me gain a lot of confidence, both professionally and personally. It was nice to be part of a program that gave me so much support while still encouraging me to be independent. I really appreciated the social opportunities Connect-123 offered, too, even if I wasn’t able to join as often as I would have liked. My internship was at an equine hospital...
United States
North America