Matt DiNauta

Advertising Internship | Cape Town
Providence College
16 October 2008

My experience in Cape Town with Connect-123 was phenomenal. If you are ready for a unique experience that will stay with you forever, look no further than Connect.

Lea at Connect worked with me to find the ideal internship to match my interests. I interned at a small advertising agency where I was in direct contact with clients and my work for them was often used. When I found that I had some free time to fill, Lea worked with me to get a second position as a tutor in a boys home in Cape Town. I worked side-by-side with people my age from Cape Town’s townships. Working there was the most rewarding and inspiring experience of my life.

South Africa is a breathtakingly beautiful place, and I was never bored for a minute with hiking, surfing, and awesome restaurants and bars all around Cape Town. The nightlife in Cape Town is fantastic, and Lea and Steven know what’s happening around the city every night of the week. Connect is your family away from home and everyone there is great when it comes to helping you with any problems that arise.

The addition of an internship in South Africa to my resume has been wonderful and stands out like nothing else could. I am never short of a great work experience to bring up when talking to employers. Best of all are great friends I made through the program from all over the States and the world.

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Heather Wenzel

Advertising Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
24 August 2012

Cape Town was completely different than I expected, and something I couldn’t have actually prepared for. The culture is rich, and the people are so proud of their heritage. I am so lucky that I can take this sense of belonging back home with me to America. I have never felt so immediately accepted and a part of a community as quickly as I was in Cape Town. My co-workers...

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