Fadzli Jani

Architecture Intern | Barcelona
National University of Singapore
5 July 2016

If you are searching for a sign, this could be it. It has always been a dream for me to see the well-known Sagrada Familia in real life and before I know it, I was right at the foot of the history-in-the-making. My experience with Connect-123 has been nothing less than spectacular! The application process was really easy and fast. I was really impressed by the level of energy they have in initiating regular meet-ups and events for the group of Interns & Volunteers in Barcelona. I no longer need to depend on “Trip Advisor” or search for tourism suggestions as Connect-123 team is constantly suggesting various events and festivals that we can choose to go via a common Facebook Group. What is more heartening is that they will listen to your interest and henceforth look out for any related activities.

I chose to intern at an architecture firm which was an eye-opening experience. Within just 2 months, I am closely involved in 4 projects and even a chance to manage the company’s portfolio website. One of the projects was a submission for local a competition and the adrenaline rush during that period was pretty unforgettable. It’s working hours are very flexible and as long as I am done with the work assigned, I can leave as early as 4pm. Hence, I was able to do a little bit of exploration around Barcelona on my own, discovering random places and people around. Every day is unpredictable and there is always something to look forward to. The only difficulty I faced was probably the language barrier, as I do not speak Spanish or Catalan. Hence, there are certain moments when I wished that I learned Spanish before coming over to Barcelona. However, the people there are really nice and always try to translate whatever they were saying in English.

Overall, I am really glad that I signed up for this! My term break has never been so productive yet enjoyable at the same time. Barcelona has taught me many valuable lessons in balancing between work and life. I enjoyed every moment in the streets of Barcelona as I witnessed every details of the remarkable architecture! Hence, for those who are still considering, wait no further to click that sign up button because it will bring you to whole new adventure!

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Upinder Bahra

Architecture Intern | Barcelona
Coventry University
11 July 2019

First of all, thank you Connect-123 for allowing me to excel in a subject that I am very passionate about, in the most perfect city. Connect-123 gave me an incredible opportunity to complete an architecture internship abroad in Barcelona, Spain. This experience has not only aided me in my journey as a university student but has also molded me into a wiser, independent and engaged individual, allowing my personal and...

Malyah Younis

Architecture intern | Barcelona
University of Huddersfield
14 June 2018

If I had to describe my architecture internship in Barcelona with one word, it would be 'unbelievable'. I am so glad I chose Connect-123; they were extremely helpful with assisting me in finding housing in the heart of Barcelona, as well as introducing me other students on the program which made it easier to explore to the city. I felt like I was able to reach out at any time...

Joyce Jamal

Architecture Intern | Barcelona
Lebanese American University
15 October 2017

I definitely keep reminiscing over my time in Barcelona. This will forever be a cherished learning and growing experience for me and I only have Connect-123 to thank for making it possible! They were always there to help me and answer my questions, as well as reassure me making me constantly feel that I am in safe hands. Connect-123 understands the difficulties a student traveling abroad alone would face, and they made...

Rana Mahmoud Samy

Architecture Intern | Barcelona
Lebanese University, Lebanon
30 September 2016

I always dreamed of living in Barcelona, and being an architecture student, there was no better city to have this experience. I was hesitating at first, when applying to the Connect-123 program, I was afraid to believe in it too much, to get my hopes up. Even after everything was set, I still didn't believe it was actually happening...And then, I was here! Here in Barcelona living the life I always dreamed...
United States
North America

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