Myranda Castanon

Design Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
25 July 2017

Cape Town is a very special place. There is a beautiful beach, a lively city/night life, and mountains that offer some really spectacular hiking routes. It is a city with much diversity and rich history. I worked for a social enterprise, and it was a place that began to feel like home to me. The tasks were challenging at times but they also provided the freedom to design and create in my own way. I was able to set up a crowd-funding video and create new catalogue layouts for their wholesale and retail items. This internship experience showed me that I’m going into the right field of work, and I am very grateful for that because some of us often feel unsure about it. Overall, I am beyond satisfied with the whole experience Connect-123 has provided – a lovely foundation of friends and extremely dependable advisors who always show that they are there for us.

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Tatenda Mhundwa

Fashion Design Intern | Cape Town

2 September 2013

I love to travel and when the time came for me to pick a country for my internship, I thought ‘go big or go home’. I started to research internships abroad and Connect-123 came up. I completely loved the idea of going all the way to Cape Town South Africa, even though initially I was skeptical because I didn’t know anyone there. Connect-123 was able to place me with an...

Frank Neufeld

Graphic Design Intern | Cape Town
Fanshawe College
24 August 2010

When I started looking into intern opportunities I was very open to options. My preference was interning at a design firm, but I was open to anything remotely related to the art and design field. I knew the experience would be amazing regardless, and I was not disappointed in the least. Connect-123 found me a terrific position as an intern with an NGO focusing on the rights of the disabled....

Alex and Jessa Stevens

Microfinance Intern and Graphic Design / Education Intern | Cape Town
South Methodist University
15 December 2009

My wife, Jessa, and I had the unique opportunity to move to Cape Town after graduating college and getting married (we were busy!). Through Connect-123 we were both able to find internships that fit our skill sets, personatilies, and interests. Jessa worked for an organization that spent time after school teaching kids the importance of education, physical fitness, and social responsibility. While working in one of the most beautiful places...

Aimee Rose Unteutsch

Design Internship | Cape Town
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
30 July 2008

I had the most amazing time in South Africa and the internship that Connect-123 found for me was outstanding! I learned a great deal from the animation company I worked with. My accommodation was also great and the location was within walking distance to restaurants and the Waterfront. Steven and Lea were always there for me and when I first arrived, it was nice to step off the plane and...
United States
North America

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