Nina Steur

Business Intern | Dublin
University of Texas, Dallas
27 January 2015

By the time I knew of Connect-123, my last semester in my undergrad career was coming up quickly, and I wanted to study abroad one more time before I graduated. When I heard Connect-123 sent people abroad with internships, I knew it was the perfect choice for one final learning experience before I got out into the real world and got a job. Going to Dublin changed my entire college experience in just a short two months. Working in Ireland was not only helpful in honing my people-skills, but it gave me a better understanding of how international marketing works as a whole.

Connect-123 set me up with the opportunity of a lifetime. There was always something going on (weekend trips, pub crawls, bus tours), and I had more fun than I can express. Through Connect-123, I got to live and work in a country that I’ve always wanted to visit, and I gained lifelong friends and valuable work experience in the process. Dublin is an amazing city, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an international work experience. I am now working full-time and using many of the learnings I gained during my internship in real life situations.

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Shane O

Business Intern | Dublin
Drexel University
27 September 2023

My time as an intern in Dublin, Ireland was a very big step in my life as it showed me what it means to be a business operations intern in an upcoming city. The culture of Dublin and its people was amazing and I can say for certain it is some of the nicest people I have ever met. I would highly recommend an internship abroad because of the various...

Dylan Rhinehart

Business Intern | Dublin
Rollins College
3 December 2015

Working in Dublin was truly a wonderful experience. The staff of Connect-123 really go out of their way to set you up with an internship that meets your desires and are very helpful. From day one upon your arrival, they make sure that you are comfortable and are immersed in your new home. Dublin is truly a fun and vibrant city. The locals are friendly and welcoming and know how...

Vish Chandarana

Business Consulting Intern | Dublin
University of Leicester
11 November 2012

Having only heard about Connect-123 last minute, I decided to enquire about summer internships abroad. Connect-123 were extremely helpful and managed to arrange a two month summer internship in just a matter of weeks. I was thrown in at the deep end on my first day, establishing connections with domestic and international clients. Working amongst a team from a variety of locations around the globe, including India, Ireland, U.S, U.K,...

Chloe Kwon

Business Intern | Dublin
William Marsh Rice University
2 November 2012

I made a last minute decision on whether to take a microfinance internship in India or work as a business intern in Dublin, Ireland and I think my decision to spend my summer in Dublin was a great choice. I met so many people and was amazed by the unexpected diversity that Dublin offered; just alone in my house, there were Italians, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Americans and wherever you...

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