Yadeth Estrada

Public Relations Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder
23 July 2019

I was always really hesitant about studying abroad because I knew I would miss home, but I also didn’t want to let that stop me from getting the experience. I did some research on the different programs the University of Colorado Boulder had to offer and I came across the 8-week internship in Barcelona. I had heard many great things about Barcelona so I decided to apply. Once I got accepted, CU paired me up with Connect-123, and I met Zuzana. Zuzana was very helpful from the start. She made sure I felt comfortable and that I was getting what I wanted out of the experience every step of the way. She managed to get me an internship at a PR firm where I was able to further develop my skills, and also learn new ones along the way. I was able to learn a lot in the short time that I was there. When I wasn’t at work, I was out exploring and roaming the different neighborhoods of Barcelona. There was always so much to do and so much to see! My stay in Barcelona was an experience that I will remember forever. I was able to work on my career, meet new people and make new friends, try new foods, travel, and just learn how life works in different cultures. Even though I did get homesick from time-to-time, I’m sad that it’s over but I hope to come back soon!

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Jenn Calaway

Communications Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder
28 July 2017

As a non-traditional student studying on the GI Bill after six years as a journalist in the Marine Corps, I certainly did not envision myself eligible for an internship abroad. However, my initial Skype interview with one of my program coordinators filled me with an excitement I hadn't felt in years. When the cards began to fall into place in support of an eight-week internship in Barcelona, Spain, I found myself...

Isabella Sheehan

Communications Intern | Barcelona
University of Texas at Austin
23 August 2016

Having the opportunity to live in Barcelona for three months was nothing short of a dream. The things I learned both in and out of my internship will last a lifetime, and I owe a large part of that to Connect-123. From the very beginning, the Connect-123 team helped me outline my goals and ensured that I would receive an experience that aligned with my interests. Any questions that I...

Pedro Quercia

Communications Intern | Barcelona
Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, Brazil
5 August 2016

I had so many distinct experiences in Barcelona. My stay was so different than I expected, normal life is suspended for a while and I had to deal with so many new experiences every single day. I had to deal with many different situations, from working in a new field with a different language, exploring the city and having new experiences, travelling, meeting people from all around the world. Europe is...

Eric Savoie

Marketing & Communications Intern | Barcelona
Michigan State University
26 November 2014

It is hard to believe that it has been almost four months since I have returned from my internship in Barcelona. It is still an experience that I reflect upon nearly every day, especially as I approach my graduation and try to figure out what I want do with my future. Although I am still figuring out exactly what I want to make of my life, I am now confident...

Abril Contreras

Tourism & Event Management Intern | Barcelona
University of Southern California
26 July 2014

Now 2 months after my internship, I am so happy to have chosen Barcelona as the place to live and work in. I interned for a tourism company and my job was to find new unique activities for people that visit Barcelona outside of the regular touristy things. It was awesome! I had the opportunity to try out some of these activities, my favorite one being the segway tour in...

Sarah Shefferly

Public Relations/Communications Intern | Barcelona
Michigan State University
1 August 2013

The experience I have gained through this internship is beyond amazing, monumentally amazing one could say. Connect-123 was able to find me the perfect internship in Barcelona, Spain, which was just the cherry on top of my life in Barcelona. I worked for a company that promoted the underground music, art, and culture scene of Barcelona and was able to first hand experience the inside life of Barcelona. Through Connect...

Amanda Schultz

Public Relations/Communications Intern | Barcelona
Michigan State University
24 July 2013

I have spent the past 3 months with an internship/study abroad program in Barcelona, and I have loved every minute of it! My internship experience fit exactly into my expectations, and I enjoyed meeting and working with all of my coworkers at my organization throughout the summer. Connect-123 understood my internship goals and found a perfect match for me at my Social Media Organization, and I feel like I learned...

Erin Miller

Communications Design Intern | Barcelona
Washington University in St. Louis, Graduate
28 June 2012

My time spent in Barcelona was nothing short of incredible, and this is largely due to the attentiveness and effort from Connect-123. I received round-the-clock advice and assitance during the application and placement process, and ended up with a fantastic internship that was professional, interesting and perfectly relevant to my field of study. I decided to pursue an international internship the summer after I graduated from my university and chose...
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