Lindsay Morrissey

Public Policy intern | Dublin
Drexel University
9 July 2018

My internship abroad in Dublin was better than I could have imagined! I visited Dublin briefly during my sophomore year abroad and fell in love with the city and people. So I was happy to return in my junior year. I found the program through my university and applied to Connect-123. Connect-123 matched me with an internship that suited my interests and skill sets. I worked at a nonprofit organization in Dublin that specializes in supporting agriculture and enterprise development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Everyone in the office was incredibly warm and helpful. I certainly made professional connections that will help me in my career.

This internship was the fourth one I have had since being in college and I can honestly say this was the best one! I decided to choose a homestay option for my living accommodation and I was not disappointed. I was placed with a wonderful family in a home not too far from my office and the city center. As a city, Dublin is great because it is easy to navigate. It offers everything that you could need, with lots to do on the weekend. I am extremely grateful to the Connect-123 coordinator, Nikki, who did an amazing job of helping me get adjusted to the city. She not only planned fun trips and events, she was incredibly warm and helpful.

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Charlotte Ramos

Public policy Intern | Dublin
San Jose State University
4 May 2016

Dublin will always have very special place in my heart for various reasons. Living and interning in Dublin for 3 months flew by because I experienced so much in this short time. When I first arrived in Dublin, it certainly was a culture-shock, but more so an environment and weather-shock! Going from sunny Los Angeles to windy and cloudy Dublin certainly was a drastic change for me, but I absolutely...

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