Benjamin Lim

Education Intern | Buenos Aires
National University of Singapore
30 June 2014

The education internship I was assigned to involved assisting primary school students with English conversational skills and secondary school students with Biology and Environmental Management lessons. It certainly allowed me to gain insights on the Argentinian education system, at the same time picking up soft skills for me to become an effective teacher in future. This experience has helped me to realize that learning is life-long. Even after 18 years of education in school, there are still many things I can learn. Things like language, interpersonal skills, responsibility, punctuality and patience are qualities beyond school education. And these are the exact attributes that can be achieved via an overseas internship.

Besides, you will also be presented with the opportunity to discover Argentina’s breathtaking landscapes. In just two short months, I’ve travelled to Tigre, Cordoba, Rosario, Andes Mountains in Mendoza, Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, Ushuaia (the world’s southernmost city), Iguazu Falls and Quebrada de Humahuaca in Salta/Jujuy. Even within Buenos Aires, it is not all work and no play. I got to attend a football match at the River Plate stadium and witnessed for myself the ecstatic atmosphere of Argentinian football. The food (especially meat!) is so delicious that I was always craving for more. Social events are also organized periodically for Connect-123 participants to touch base with one another. Add that to the amazing people you meet throughout the course of your internship, I can assure you there will be no lack of friends to interact with!

That being said, it wasn’t a smooth journey throughout, otherwise I wouldn’t have benefitted like how I actually did. The biggest challenge I overcame was the language barrier. I was bold enough to arrive in Argentina with absolutely zero Spanish background. At times, it was a struggle to even get by. Nevertheless, I took 2 weeks of lessons and displayed the determination to learn. Thankfully, the teachers showed patience and the students were more than eager to teach me Spanish vocabulary. Everyone really does appreciate the fact that you are attempting to speak Spanish. By the last day, I even managed to craft and read out my farewell message entirely in Spanish!

I would strongly recommend this internship to anyone who is keen to step out of his/her comfort zone. Anyone who is adventurous and willing to try new things, things that you never imagined you will accomplish. Anyone who is keen to develop relationships you would never have ever envisioned. Anyone who wants to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Lastly, anyone who wishes to have the time of their lives.


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Carla Simone

Education and Teaching Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
2 August 2019

My two-month internship in Buenos Aires exceeded all of my expectations. I had the opportunity to help teach English at a school with grades first through seventh. As a Spanish education major and Teaching English as a Second Language minor I am very interested in languages and wanted hands-on experience in a school. From working one on one with students to teaching lessons, my education internship allowed me to gain...

Collin Kruzel

Education Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
4 August 2017

My adventure to Buenos Aires was a first in many ways. Big firsts like leaving the country for the first time and being really, really far from family for so long. Connect-123 truly exceeded any expectations I could have in regards to this big change. Connect-123 placed me with a host family, who very quickly became a part of my family. A fantastic host family and a constant stream of...

Helen Bonnyman

Education Intern | Buenos Aires
Rice University
20 October 2016

During my gap year before starting as a freshman at Rice University, I interned for 3 months as a teacher’s assistant at a preschool in Buenos Aires. It was a super great experience: my Spanish skills improved tremendously, I gained valuable experience working with children, and I immersed myself in the porteño culture. My internship was certainly hard at times, mostly because of the language barrier between myself and the...

Katherine Mooney

Education Intern | Buenos Aires
SUNY New Paltz
21 September 2016

Through Connect-123, I had the very unique opportunity to be involved in multiple internships. I worked for a language institute that offers private classes, at a summer camp, as a camp counselor, and at a bilingual school, assisting the English teachers. The most lasting impression of these internships are the people that I met along the way and what they taught me. I love working with kids, so the summer...

Priscilla Somogie

Education Intern | Buenos Aires
Northeastern University
15 March 2015

I have always had a passion for traveling, specifically to Latin America, and after studying abroad in Costa Rica I was hungry for more. Although choosing the country and program wasn't easy, Connect-123 helped make my decision to come to Buenos Aires. Since I had a tough time deciding which internship program to do, Connect-123 provided me with endless options in my field of interest. When I finally settled on...
United States
North America

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