Blake Cooper

Communications Intern | Buenos Aires
University at Buffalo
4 August 2015

Connect-123 offers a great fit for someone looking for an experience that goes beyond the traditional study abroad program. Regardless your level of experience with traveling, living or working abroad, Connect-123 can help you find your place, get acquainted with the local environment and culture and settle into an exciting new chapter in your life. I had been to Buenos Aires once before, and was looking for an experience that allowed me to use my previous knowledge of the place to live comfortably and authentically among the local population. 

Connect-123 was crucial in helping me find a placement, filling me in with vital information I didn’t know from previous experience (information about things like hospitals and the city layout) and offering weekly events where I could meet up with fellow travelers in a social setting. But they were also excellent about giving me the space I needed to find my own way. It really was the best of all possibilities with Connect, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough for someone looking for a unique experience that will set you apart.

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Carly Bell

Communications Intern | Buenos Aires
Carleton University
1 November 2019

My two-month internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina was extremely transformative and more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I interned at an organization that dedicates their efforts to the conservation of nature and promotes their values through education of the next generations. There I had the opportunity to write articles for their blog and conduct interviews with local contacts. My internship allowed me to learn about environmental issues and education in...

Luciana Lima

Public Relations Intern | Buenos Aires
Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil
13 June 2016

I’ve always had a strong desire to have a professional experience abroad. Traveling is one of my passions, and I wanted to add to my career. So I searched a lot and had studied all the available options that could offer me this “travel + work” experience. I discovered Connect-123 and I have found it the best choice for me among all I looked. I decided to come to Buenos...
United States
North America

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