Breanna Lujan

Environmental Intern | Barcelona
Yale University
24 October 2012

Knowing only that I wanted to pursue an internship in environmental sustainability in Barcelona, I turned to Connect-123 to make this goal possible. From the beginning of the internship placement process, Connect-123 was very perceptive and responsive to my needs, questions, and concerns so as to ensure that I received the most out of my experience. Thanks to the efforts of Connect-123, I was able to work for an amazing environmental NGO based in Barcelona that focuses its efforts on many of the environmental issues I consider most pertinent.

As a third year environmental studies major and a native Spanish speaker, Connect-123 allowed me to not only gain professional experience working abroad, but also to further explore my career goals and to further develop my interests. I now know that if I were ever to return to Barcelona, I would have a position waiting for me with the environmental NGO that I worked for on account of Connect-123.

Barcelona is an absolutely incredible city. The people, food, language, and culture create an atmosphere that is as eclectic as it is beautiful. Connect-123 helped me to really appreciate my time in Barcelona, providing ample opportunities to do things in the city that I ordinarily would not have done. To those considering interning in Barcelona, I highly recommend it!

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