Chase B

Journalism Intern | Dublin
Georgia State University
17 November 2022

With the help of Connect-123, I was able to make my dream of living abroad come true, while advancing my career goals. I got to work for a local newspaper on the outskirts of Dublin, and in my free time, I explored all of Ireland. I made some amazing friends and lifelong memories along the way. Connect-123 made a tricky process extremely easy, and the people really care about making your experience an exceptional one.

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Grace F

Journalism Intern | Dublin
Drexel University
5 May 2023

My experience with an internship through Connect-123 was incredibly exciting; I ended up working in precisely the field I’m interested in and gained valuable experience that will help me pursue my career. I also really enjoyed the Connect-123 sponsored trips, especially to the cliffs of Moher. One of the best things about being abroad is the ability to travel further. I’ve been able to cheaply travel extensively around Ireland as...

Brittany King

Journalism internship | Dublin
University of Saskatchewan
28 February 2018

I have always wanted to travel, but after graduating, I wanted to gain experience in my career as well. That is when I looked into internships abroad and I came across Connect-123. The reviews spoke highly of the program and I was not disappointed. My coordinator was wonderful. She made me feel comfortable being in a new country by myself and provided me with amazing ideas to get the most...

Nina Epifanova

Journalism Intern | Dublin
University of Amsterdam
2 May 2017

I was looking for a journalism internship and my first preference was Cape Town, but then this opportunity in Ireland came up and before I knew it I had a Skype interview with the head editor. A week later I was on the plane to Dublin in chase for a new adventure. Connect-123 might seem a bit expensive, but they do work fast and once I said yes to this...

Krystal LaDuc

Publishing Intern | Dublin
SUNY at Oneonta
17 September 2015

Dublin was simply unforgettable. Those 2 months quickly became a life that I could not bear leave, and Ireland quickly became home. With an incredible internship in my field, true friendships, and a lively culture, Connect-123 provided a once in a lifetime opportunity. Interning as a publications assistant, I was given the privilege to singlehandedly prepare a one-time sports anthology. This project included working closely with the publications manager, the...

Georgina Hore

Journalism Intern | Dublin
University of South Australia
1 September 2013

Ireland was part of my bucket list: a place I had dreamed of visiting. I got the opportunity to not only experience the rich culture, but do so while completing a fantastic internship with a local newspaper through Connect-123. The friendly people and amazing scenery added to this experience; one that I will never forget and one that I will cherish for years to come. It was incredible to get...

Anja Filter

Journalism Intern | Dublin
University of Pretoria
31 January 2013

At the end of my final year of school I consciously made the decision not to take a gap year and instead jumped right into at least three more years of tests, assignments and exams. After seeing how much all of my school friends were enjoying their time abroad, I began to regret my decision. Although many of them were using their time to figure out what they wanted to...

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