Chiyvonne Shennan

Social Work Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Salford Graduate
7 November 2014

I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to intern in one of the most amazing cities I had ever been to, Buenos Aires, I have travelled extensively and have to say that BA is incredible and always something for everyone to do, it is rich with culture and diversity and Connect 123 made this possible.

Being a social science student and coming from Manchester, England, I found it impossible to find a placement in Argentina that would be in the same field/industry that I wanted to work in. That was until I contacted Connect 123 who from start to finish were professional and the most friendly helpful staff ever. I was matched with an addiction service in Buenos Aries which well-matched my academic interests in drug and alcohol addictions and I was privy to other addictions which I had not been exposed to before, which I learnt a lot from. I was also co-ordinated with a Spanish school which was an amazing school with amazing friendly staff that not only organised your classes but put on activity days and evenings for us all to join in.

My internship lasted for almost 2 months and South America had been a bucket list dream for as long as I can remember and Connect-123 made this possible so I have the utmost gratefulness for their constant support and help throughout my time and for making this the best work experience of my life. I lived with the most wonderful family who I will keep in touch with always, they made me feel very welcome and it was a home away from home. The social events that Connect 123 arranged every other week were always great and had something for everyone.

I would also like to mention that being a vegetarian in this city was easy, which I was not expecting but most of the restaurants and café bars serve vegetarian food which was fab and helped me settle in. This had been one of my anxieties.

To conclude both the internship and Spanish school facilitated me to form relationships with patients, who I have learnt valuable life lessons from and also peers who were undertaking similar interns. My experience in BA was truly amazing and one of the best decisions of my life…thank you 😉

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Michelle Cunningham

Social Work Intern | Buenos Aires
Emporia State University
5 August 2012

From the moment Connect-123 called me, I knew I was going to go with them. The staff worked hard to find me an internship that would fit my preferences. I had 2 goals, to learn as much Spanish as possible and to intern in the field of neuropsychology. Oh, and a third goal to check the Iguazu Falls off my bucket list. Done!! On May 29th, I left home and...

Karla Trevino

Social Work Intern | Buenos Aires
University of North Texas
30 July 2012

After spending two months in Buenos Aires and with Connect-123, I am really happy with my time spent there. The city is full of life and there is always something new to do. Learning public transportation was a challenge of its own, but I am happy to say I mildly, have mastered it. The opportunity provided allowed me to work somewhere I loved, and to meet great new people. My...
United States
North America

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